Madeline’s Character Quiz (Unavoidable)

The Character Quiz  Madeline Illiene
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Character’s Full Name:  Madeline Grover (Illiene)
Nickname: Maddy
Reason for nickname: Izzy claimed it was a suitable nickname. Zeus/Adain is not allowed to use it for the bulk of the books.
Age: 13
How old does s/he appear? She has the appearance of a ten year old. She hates this about herself. She is envious of the other females in the book for looking like an adult.
Eye Color: blue. she’s a half demon. Her blue eyes matter.
Height: She’s short. Her height and lack of curves make her look very childish.
Nationality: Leagende noble.
Skin tone: She’s green, medium in shade, like a proper Forest Elf.
Favorite color: green
Hometown: She grew up with the Grovers moving between the different houses they own in Leagende.
Type of childhood: It was good enough. She was trained heavily to be a mage. She was trained to not pick marriage or have children. Her family treated her as a proper daughter until she was picked as queen. Because demons shouldn’t be on the throne, her family starts treating her as a typical half elf. Prior to that, she recieved overall positive affection. As long as she followed their paths.
First memory: The most important terrifying memory she has is meeting her biological father. She was prepped many times for meeting him. She was trained to hold her head high and act strong and capable. Fear would cause her to lose. It was the most terrifying experience of her life. But her biological father approved of her training. She always hated meeting with him. She figured out ways to show off without doing any damage.
Booksmart or streetsmart? She would lean more toward magic smart. She is quick on the uptake because she had to outthink a demon. So would it necessarily be booksmarts or streetsmarts? No. But if you can outthink a demon, there is something there she can easily transfer to both. It makes her a powerful force running the country.
Siblings: She has three siblings. Her older sister hates her. She got the one brother killed. The final sibling will run the land her parents control. She looks forward to that time since her father doens’t not see eye to eye with her anymore.
Where does character work? She’s queen.
Like her job? She finds the job overwhelming often. She threatens Zeus with going on an extended vacation or just focusing on her mage studies.
Dream job: She wants to be able to focus solely on her mage studies without the major threat of her biological father overing over her. Her father dies, but not until after she’s caught under the duties of queen.
Greatest fear: Being recaptured by a demon and forced to do things.
Character is most at ease when: Sitting in the library studying magic. Both Zeus and her feel at ease with magic study. When they retire that’s going to be common place to find them.
How she feels about self: She is not happy with a lot of things. She hates her blue eyes. She wishes she wasn’t demon blooded. She hates being so small. She should not look like a child. At thirteen most elves are within only a few centimeters of adulthood height. Her body hasn’t switched into an adult form either even if she can carry a child. How could anyone be interested in her?
If granted one wish, what would it be? She wishes her physical form matched her age more.
One word character would use to describe self: Survivor
One paragraph description of how character would describe self: If you call me cute as a button or little kid, you’ll going to feel the weight of a real mage battle on your hands. My crown says I’m Queen. Nature accepts me as old enough. King Zeus sees nothing wrong with my lack of stature. (If only I felt the same…) I am no kid. My looks be damned.
Married? Madeline is technically not married to King Zeus. The country plans the wedding for when she’s a touch older. Their relationship is innocent. She’s innocent. He’s paitent (and heavily distracted by a country).

Friends? Madeline did not have a lot of time for friendships. Besides her family, most of her interactions were with people who she had to treat with respect or people who had to treat her with respect. Zeus was probably the first to treat her as if an equal. Her first real friend would be Izzy. Princess Izzy did not offer another option when Madeline showed up.

Person character secretly admires: Izzy. Madeline wishes she could have the freedom the child has. Madeline was always training and controlled. Her family worried over her demonic abilities. Izzy trains a lot, but she isn’t required to. Madeline wishes she could be as open and exciteable as the young princess. She’s too reserved for that though.
Person character was most influenced by: Prince Bludi. Hearing and seeing the half elf prince was enough to give her hope that being a half elf wasn’t the worst fate in existence.

[Leagende] [About Cat Hartliebe]

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