Leagende Elves

The main humanoid in Leagende are the elves. Here’s a little more about them. [Leagende] [About Cat Hartliebe]

The elves in Leagende are lithe in muscle structure. Elves are typically very lightweight and cannot carry a lot of weight. Magic can boost capabilities of weight lifting, but typically, a pure elf cannot carry much more than their own body weight and only half that for flight.

They can but may not have magical, translucent, wings that can be hidden away completely. Although there is a special wing bone found on the back as if an extra vertebrate between their shoulder blades. The royals, marked by Nature’s magic, have a missing wing bone although can fly. This is done to protect the royals from enemies. If Nature deems you fit for the rule and are from the ruling family, you gain a missing wing bone from birth. If you gain a royal title, you can lose your wing bone. Flight is normally the speed of someone riding a bike.

Their heights range between 140cm and 180 cm. It’s rare for an adult to be more or less than that. That makes them a shy shorter than an average human.

In Leagende, there are four “types” of elves. It’s not so much they are really different. It’s just a coloration change and a common area of Leagende that they can be found in. The four colorations of elves are Forest, Rose, Tropical, and Savannah.

In the main of Leagende are Forest Elves. Typically a Forest Elf has green skin and brown hair with a light green eye. The coloration would match with the forests found commonly in the area called Leagende. The royals of the area have dark vibrant green eyes.

In Dereksean, to the left of Leagende, there is far more water. Even with a pretty much equal amount of trees as Leagende, Dereksean actually has twice the amount of water. The elves are called Tropical Elves. The temperatures aren’t much warmer- really just a bit more stable year-round. They have more swamp and bog than Leagende and anywhere else within the landmass they live on. Tropical Elves have bluer skin. The eyes normally fall in the light greens or browns found among the other three elves. The royal eyes shade into violet or purple.

Savannah Elves normally have darker browns for eyes even if the royals shade into gold. Their skin colors are browns, tans, and almost yellow in some cases. Savannah is more meadow than savannah, but most wouldn’t really know the difference enough to say otherwise. Savannah has the best farmland, the most neutral climate, and warmest temperatures. Because of those positives, they drew the interest of demons.

The mountainous zone of Cardenil contains Rose Elves for the most part. Rose Elves are pink and red skinned generally. Their eyes are normally in the light browns, although the royal eyes are black.

When elves are not the typical coloration of an area they are either seen as positive or negative depending mostly on the job they hold. Work in a haven? You are seen positively. Work almost any other field, they perceive you as less than.

Any further questions on the elves within Leagende don’t be afraid to ask.

[Leagende] [About Cat Hartliebe]

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