Leagende Humans

The second most common humanoid in Leagende is humans. Here’s a little more about them. [Leagende] [About Cat Hartliebe]

There are two separate groups of humans heading for Leagende. On the northern side of the country is an island of humans called Francie. Yes it was meant to sound like France. They speak French as a language, not that elves can pick that out as different than Germania’s German. Francie has a relationship with the dwarves that have some connection to the stories. The dwarves use ships to sell and buy from Francie. It was those ships and the dwarven bought guns that gave Francie an edge in the battle against Cardenil. There was no information as to why Francie was fighting Cardenil.

This will come forward in the next series. Cardenil is mostly mountains. The dwarves are looking to gain access to the mountain of Cardenil. They used the humans to try to gain access. It didn’t work. During the next collection, the dwarves are going to attack Cardenil for the possible gems and metals hidden within Cardenil’s land. There will be no further explanation of that battle since it isn’t known at all in Leagende. Zeus never even sought out why the humans wanted Cardenil.

On the eastern side passed the mountains protecting the Leagende forests is Germania where humans speak German. The humans came through the mountain pass randomly for basically ever. It was actually a famine that made them take the land and build Germania. Because of the elven protections to the area, the land is far more fertile and rarely if ever has concerns with famine. The main reason Zeus was not fought off was because Germania was starting to fall into another famine that few knew about. Zeus went in after claiming Germania as his and boosted every farm and parcel of land. Germania did the entire thing with Bludi to have the power of the elves. The power of the elves made the land fertile and capable of anything. The humans pushed the land too hard. They accepted Zeus’s rule for the sake of saving the land.

The humans found elsewhere fit into a few situations. They could be traders and travelers. Vacations around the country isn’t uncommon. If the humans offer higher pay, the elves don’t mind them visiting. They could be seeking knowledge or a person. Mixed bloods are found everywhere. The bulk of humans are found in Germania.

Throughout much of Leagende, it’s more like 0.1% of the people are humans. Less than 1% has human blood that’s noticeable. Whereas in Germania, it’s more like 90% of the population is human.

Humans are capable of gaining everything of a normal elf: magic, wings, and even looks and age. Without the elven bonus, they are similar in coloration and expectation as those in our world. It takes more to put a bonus on a human than it is to give bonuses to elves. Not that Zeus will let others know that.

If you have any further questions about humans in Leagende, don’t be afraid to ask.

[Leagende] [About Cat Hartliebe]

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