Leagende Demons

The third type of humanoid in Leagende are the demons. Really it’s more demon blooded. Unlike the other humanoids, there isn’t a specific place they live. Here’s a little more about them.

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Demons have been coming into Leagende for much of Leagende’s existence. Some find elves who need help with fertility or magic. Many of the black markets are filled with demon marked elves. There are even some families that have marked connections with demons to have children for black market interaction and bonuses to the country’s magical arsenal. Madeline Grover is one such child. Normally, these children are marked infertile or made to be infertile.

About the time Bludi was reaching adulthood, Compast was seriously damaged by demons. The demons were seeking magical portals only found among elven land. The flat land was easy to work into demonic portals to Hell.

Demons are marked by their parent until they take them down in battle. There is always someone controlling them. The top demon is the Queen and she never leaves Hell.  She needs demons on the surface to do her bidding.

Humans and elves are capable of creating a mark. That mark would pass to their children. This is how Bludi and his children are demon marked.

Bludi and his children figure out how to remove the connection between demon mark/parent and the child. The one who is marked would die from the mark’s loss. But a child born under the mark or from a demon parent can have the connection broken. This is how Bludi manages to give Alaenia and Richard a real chance of fleeing in Unexpected. Zeus, Joshua, and Castella go about to the various people to remove the demon connections. They do not lose any power in the act, just the ownership the demon has.

Any further questions about demons in Leagende, don’t be afraid to ask.

[Leagende] [About Cat Hartliebe]

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