Leagende Questionnaire #1

Leagende Questionnaire #1

Questions about Leagende. It will be a three part series.
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Q: When did you first create Bludi?

A: Bludi was created when I was sitting in the hospital. My pregnancy with Cyro was one of the worst pregnancies in the history of pregnancies. I wish I was offering you hyperbola. But honestly, I’m not. During that pregnancy, a quarter of it was in the hospital. Another quarter was with a nurse visitor to my home. I had a PICC line keeping me alive. My doctor was considered top of the top for my area for high risk pregnancies. I ended up with a staf infection and needed a blood transfusion. Seriously, it was a BAD pregnancy. But for all the bed rest I was required, if my brain functioned and my hand worked, I was writing. It doesn’t require a lot to get a story down or create character.

Q: Is he the same character you first began with?

A: Bludi didn’t start with a last name or a country. He started as a half elf that was unwanted by either side of his family. He still loved his mother and sought her. That was the beginning. He accepted abuse in hopes of gaining his mother’s affection again. She was always the queen. And I always knew his father was the human king. It just didn’t show up in the first draft.

Q: Where did the plot come from?

A: The original question I asked Bludi: did you want to stay in the country and seek your mother or leave and go to your father? If you notice within the story, at twenty, all elves get the question. Stay or leave and what’s your name. This was because the entire story started with that question at Bludi. And Bludi always wanted to gain his mother’s affection. Because from the beginning, she loved him. None of her family. Not that I knew at the beginning they offered real threats not just insults.

Q: Why did you pick third person limited as a viewpoint?

A: Third person limited is honestly the easiest point of view to work with. I would suggest it for anyone who wants to write. Readers prefer it more than any other viewpoint. The other POV I normally use is first person. But in this case, the reader would be hard pressed to feel as if the main character. First person has benefits. Those benefits did not exist for this series.
If I had to pick the best overall point of view for writers it would be third person limit. Since this series did not have something special about it, third person limited was the best choice.

Q: Who are the books written for? group of people? age range? genre? interest?

A: I wonder. There is nothing within this series that says a specific age range or type of person. I would say for adults who like fantasy. It is not particularly complex, but I wouldn’t say it was that light and airy either. General fantasy read for adults.

Q: What does Leagende look like?

A: I always saw Leagende as this landmass that’s pretty much square. I guess? Not exactly square, maybe closer to a diamond. I don’t know exactly. The northern part of the land is hilly and mountainous. That’s Cardenil. The western side of the country is forests, swamps, and bogs. Eastern side has forests at a touch higher altitude. This ends at a mountain range that blocks them from more land. In the south would be meadows more than forests. So that makes it a piece of land that’s surrounded on three sides with water and one side with mountains. Off to the north west is the island of Francie. Nothing else is really known about the world Leagende is in. (Minus there are dwarves and humans beyond its zone.)

Q: Where have you written the series? Did you write in any strange places? Did it help or hinder? Would you consider the amount of time you spent on the series strange or odd? Why?

A: For one, there is no such thing as a strange place to write. I have written anywhere I can manage. Doctor’s waiting room. Taekwondo dojo. Library. Cafe. Sitting in my car. Hospital. If I can pull out my laptop and have enough allowance to just work, I can work. I will not consider it strange or weird. I must write. There are words only I can make. There are stories only I can write. I will not stop just because you think it’s strange. (My mom has stopped me from writing at the dinner table.)
I did work on this story at all of the above. It was easy to bring around the paperback proof copy and a red pen. I carry my computer around everywhere if I can. I stop and write as needed.
Yes, that even includes pulling over to the side of the road because something strikes. Or not starting the drive somewhere because I have a new thought. I’ve even done the whole I can’t get my computer out let me dictate to my phone so I can write it down later thing.
As a writer and an author none of these events are strange. Change your question and get back to me.
As for the amount of time I’ve put into this series? It was a lot. It was required. Should I have slowed down and given my series more time? Maybe. Maybe it needed another hundred hours. I didn’t do that though. It’s good enough.

Any other questions? Ask.

[Leagende] [About Cat Hartliebe]

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