Leagende ebook collection

All six books included in a special ebook edition of Leagende.

Prices are no longer current.

Not only are the six books included, but all the bonuses within those books as well as Hair Incident found on the blog and all of the created childhood memories. Until the end of the month, the ebook collection will only be $12.99. After the sale ends, the price will bump up to $15.99.

If you want all the Leagende books together in one place- plus a few bonuses you won’t find elsewhere- buy a copy today!


It will slowly appear on all online book selling sites world wide.

The entire Leagende series in one ebook. That is all six books plus all the bonus material.
Hair Incident, Unwanted, Unexpected, Queen’s Escape, Undeniable, Unbreakable, Unbelievable, Unavoidable, Rorianna’s Attempts, Cardenil’s Governor, Bludi’s Letters, and Childhood Memories.
Follow Bludi on his adventure through Leagende.
Bludi Illiene is the son of a queen, so why can’t be hold the title of prince? Why do people disregard him?
Because he’s a half elf.
Watch Bludi find his place and a family in Leagende.
Who cares who his father was? All that should matter is who he is.

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