Leagende Questionnaire #2

Leagende Questionnaire #2 [Leagende] [About Cat Hartliebe]

Q: Out of everyone in the series, who is your favorite character?

A: Bludi is still my favorite character. His willingness to face down the hatred has me hopeful. I’m not strong like he is. I can’t face my enemies with head held high. So he is who I wish I could be. I’m far too meek, though.
This does not mean I dislike anyone in the story. Alaenia, his mother, is a strong willed female who gives Bludi that strength he needs to fight. Adain and Castella stand tall and strong even so different from normal society. Ellone doesn’t fight for the center position, but supports everyone from behind the scenes. There are so many characters I love in the series.

Q: Wings and magic: What do they mean?

A: Elves in the Leagende world are not necessarily magic wielders or flyers. Nature took some of its power and created elves from another life form. That offered them long life in exchange for taking care of the environment the elves live in. Also the royals are capable of pulling from all the elves they care for as a whole.
Flight was given as a gift by nature to certain elves for certain reasons. Same with magic. Flight and magic pass on to the children of the elves in question. Generally flight and magic would indicate a noble status within the world of Leagende. Flight and magic can be opened by the royals in charge.

Q: Is there any art or music that helped you write the series? Would you connect to any art or music after the fact?

A: I’m not saying I didn’t listen to music during. I did. But not to help me with the story. The music is mostly to drown out all the other noises. Like I’m answering these questions with Kwon Jiyong. I listened to meditation music, Ann Bai, Sylwia Grzeszczak, Blackpink, Bigbang, and several random others (Cat Hartliebe Youtube). Would I connect music to the stories after the fact?
Actually, Bigbang has a song Loser that may connect rather well.

Also there is a Polish band called Sound’N’Grace. Their music is filled with hope, both the lyrics and the beat.

Between the two bands I think the series is pretty much covered. Check them out. (Yes, I am picking a Korean band and a Polish band as an American who only speaks English fluently.)

Q: What would you consider the theme of the series and for the individual books?

A: Overall the theme would fall into acceptance and equality. Acceptance of self especially. I don’t just mean Bludi either. Every single main character has to go through the acceptance of self. That was part of the reason the main characters switched as they did. They had to come to the conclusion they deserve everything they have. They have to accept themselves as different. Their difference is okay. Besides that is the desire for Equality. That is a little more obvious.

Q: What do you think the chance this will become a classic? How would that make you feel to hear English teachers making comments about the books?

A: I would be surprised if this gained classic status. It’s a good way to pass an afternoon. It’s not something I expect to read in an English course. I would honestly be a little weirded out. Unsettled almost. Why would this series reach that status? I’m not aiming to be a classics author. I’m just trying to offer a good book for a person having a bad day. I’m happy if I manage that. I don’t need people writing book reports about Bludi and his series.

Q: If you had to compare it to a famous book/story who would you pick and why?

A: I can’t. People like to do this. When querying, compare it to another book on the market and explain why. Look, my books aren’t like those books. They’re still stories. But if I could find books that connected with me, I wouldn’t be writing so heavily. I write so the stories I wish to read exist.
Leagende series has a few comparables, I guess. Just not sure what they’d be. If you have an idea, let me know. I would love to read a book that’s comparable to Leagende.

Q: Are the characters based on real people? Who? Did you steal individual aspects or names or something small? Who would you mark is who if you could?

A: There has to be an connection between my characters and real life people. But even if I call Cyro my Adain, he isn’t. I take pieces from various people. Once I have a few key pieces, I start working on a complexity to them that makes a human (or elf) realistic. The characters basically come from nothing. I can’t say this one is my friend Tom. Pieces of him are in there somewhere, but there is no character that screams Tom. (If you want to see character who are based off my friends and family read First Meeting.)

Q: Would you pick up your own story based on the book? What draws you the most? Would you need to hear positive reviews before reading?

A: I question this a lot. Are the covers and comments enough to make me pick up the books? I am afraid to say I probably wouldn’t. I’m not the quickest to pick up books. I’m picky.
If I started reading, though, I would keep going. Nothing about the stories turns me off. I just don’t think I’d pick up the covers. Which is why I would love new ones. Oh well.
If I had a friend tell me to read this book, I would. Once started, I’d finish. It’s an overall easy read.

Any other questions? Ask.

[Leagende] [About Cat Hartliebe]

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