Leagende Questionnaire #3

Leagende Questionnaire

Q: Are you happy with the series as a whole?

A: Equality is the main point across the entire series. Can this lonely unwanted half elf gain the same consideration as everyone else? As much as his family loves him and believes in him, he never receives that. True equality doesn’t happen. But the law now sides with equality. Discrimination can get you in trouble in Leagende. That is my hope for society. No matter your skin color or standing, you should be seen as equal.
So am I happy with the series as a whole? I wrote it. It’s complete. But it’s not as happy as I would like. But that’s because life isn’t happiness. I leave the series on a sad note. I cannot apologize.

Q: Would you wish to rewrite it differently?

A: The only way I would rewrite it differently is by changing Bludi. I would need him to pick his father not his mother. It changes who he is and what his goals are. I wonder if that would create the same ending. He would gain the title of King of Germania even if he didn’t want it. Would Adain be born with a human mother? Or would Ellone still end up in Bludi’s life? There are so many questions that would have to be answered before I could rewrite in that direction. Although I would hope the same ending occurs: Equality.

Q: Why end the story where you did?

A: Leagende is complete again. The story starts where we get to know Bludi and Leagende. Then it transitions to learning about more than just Leagende. Adain begins a journey of equality for his father. The country is whole again. Things may not be exactly stable, but things are progressing in the right direction.

Q: Did you expect to finish this series? Did you have the idea for the entire series before you began the first book?

A: I’m a little shocked to put an end on the series. To say I’m finished. Wow. It will settle eventually. I had no idea where the series was going when I started. Bludi began in a hospital room where I felt unwanted and basically hated. Now he can be much loved. He is loved. I’m lucky to have been able to take this journey with him.

Q: Are you worried about the more male based character collection? Did you do that on purpose? Would you consider your females weaker for following the typical path of ‘romance or bust’ found in most novels?

A: I hate myself for ending up doing this. Ugh. I made more male main characters. And my females ended up being far more romantic. If anything, I regret this. But really, both Bludi and Adain/Zeus are demi-sexual, demi-romantics. So they aren’t putting romance first. Castella isn’t demi. She’s probably pansexual/panromantic, but really was aiming for high magical power. Joshua just so happened to be that high magical class she was looking for. With her family’s pressure for monogamy for safety reasons, she focuses on the one. With Madeline, she had a year “marriage” with Zeus before getting her viewpoint heard. By then, she was expecting things that weren’t happening. And you can see in Unavoidable Zeus’s interest in her. He didn’t have interest when they first became a couple. Nor did she. She was being trained to be asexual/aromantic. It was affecting her. That’s why she isn’t accepting of herself. The love and sexual feeling she has are part of her acceptance of herself. That matters.
So really as much as I hate myself for setting this up the way I did, it happens. I switch between genders with my stories. I’ll try to make more females in another series. Females that have nothing to do with romance. (Oh wait, just read my Troubled Royals. All the marriages in there were created for safety/political reasons not love and romance. All four are from a female’s perspective.)

Q: Is there anything special you want to tell your readers about Leagende as a series or about Bludi as a character?

A: Not really. I wrote Bludi as an extension of myself. Kinda. Our situations are different. Our needs and relationships are different. But I wanted to feel wanted. So Bludi was created so I could feel wanted. I needed time to heal. I wrote during that healing. I wrote as a way to accept myself. To push equality. Do I accept myself? I don’t know. I’m more comfortable in my skin. I’m more confident in my abilities. That will have to do.

Q: Is there anything else you want to say about the Leagende series?

A: The six books were fun to create. I hope they are as much fun to read. Reviews are the best form of thank you.

Any other questions? Ask.

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