Leagende Dedications

Dedications for the six Leagende books.

[Leagende] [About Cat Hartliebe]

Unwanted: To all my readers, supporters, beta readers, family, and friends. Also thank you, Bludi. You are perhaps my favorite character ever.

This is a very basic dedication. Unwanted was my first published novella. It was my first paperback book. I was and still am very proud of myself and those who helped me reach that state. Can’t believe that was four years ago. Wow. Still, thank you everyone who helped me work on Leagende. Bludi is a character I love. I’ll miss working with him. But the story is done. The series arc is done. It is time to put Bludi away.

Unexpected: To everyone who survived a pregnancy and to all the good fathers out there. You know the ones; they stayed.

This is actually a big “F you” to my child’s father. He won’t read my stuff. But for those of you who know anything about me or Cyro’s father, you’ll grasp what I mean by this. Cyro was only four months old when their father left. I was pregnant at the time even. My pregnancies were tough. Michael, the child I carried at the time of his leaving, didn’t live. I want to be a mother. I love being a mother. (Even when they’re difficult.) I just wish Cyro had a father. They don’t. The way things are looking, they never will. It’s not required.

Undeniable: To everyone who is even a little bit different.

My family and friends often times fall into this “Little bit different” category. I struggle with people who don’t fall outside the normal range. If you read a little more of my personal posts you’ll notice I’m not normal in any sense of the word. I can hide it for the most part. Pretty as I am, people typically don’t notice my differences up front. So for those in this world that get marked abnormal, this is for you.
I would be down to being friends too. Abnormal is my crowd.

Unbreakable: To my own Adain, even if that’s not their real name.

If you haven’t figured out who this is for, there may be a few extra basic questions that need answering. My Adain would be Cyro. Cyro feels more connected to Bludi, but for me, they are my Adain. I love you little one. (I can’t believe they aren’t that little anymore. When did they get so big and old?)

Unbelievable: To all the believers.

This is half a play on words and half a hope filled promise. Since we’re trying to bring together a country and support equality, I wanted to dedicate this book to those fighting. To those of us who can believe that equality is possible. To those of us who believe in the magic of life. To those of us who believe in hope and dreams. Zeus is a dreamer. Be hopeful like him.

Unavoidable: To the survivors./ There is only one guarantee in life./ Let’s push it off as long as possible.

The final dedication is to remind us that even if there is death and a guarantee end, that doesn’t mean you live life as if that ending will happen tomorrow. Be a survivor. Live because that truly is the only option.

[Leagende] [About Cat Hartliebe]

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