Leagende Covers

Why were each of the covers chosen? Who created them? What do they offer a future reader?

[Leagende] [About Cat Hartliebe]

For one, I spent nothing on the covers. I made them using free pictures under creative common license. Some I made up quickly with only a few hours of work. Others took longer and I went through many different drafts before getting the final option.

unwanted 2

Unwanted has an original cover that was just green. I knew that wasn’t going to be good enough. But I also do not have the necessary funds to spend a hundred dollars on a cover. That means I have to use my skills as a graphic artist to make things better.

I am not a complete failure when it comes to art. My hand’s too shaky for handdrawn things, but I did have a few hours study on a computer program like GIMP.

One of the things GIMP has built in is random texture images. I took different ones and made the background for each of the different covers. All six have different texture backgrounds, some with changes to color. All of those textures were built into GIMP.

Each book has a picture to focus on. Unexpected being a touch different with an image more than picture, but it follows the same concept. Unbelievable is the only odd ball having rain/storm be the main focus.

Unwanted is meant to be a ring. I took an image of a ring and placed a pendant in front of it making the image look like a ring with a tree rings design. This ring references the ring Bludi carries around with him. It would give him access to his mother and his own home. Is it a perfect cover? No. But again, I’m not spending a hundred dollars I haven’t made on the story. I can spend time not money on the covers.

unexpected 4

Unexpected is a picture of a castle hallway. I put bricks to block the end and cover up I believe a fountain image. It’s meant to reference the magic scanner. I put a shadow person going through. The queen was taken using the magic scanner. I wonder if this cover can be done better. But this was several hours of work. If someone gave me a better idea here, I would work on it.

undeniable 2

Book three is Undeniable. It was the fastest to fruition. The black cat with wings is two separate items: a black shadow cat and a black shadow fairy. It is an actual character inside the story. Joshua has an actual pet demon cat. The cat looks like that with razor sharp wings and black orb eyes. The cat’s invisible to non demon eyes. I probably only spent an hour total on the cover. Seriously it came together without much effort. I love when that happens. It’s rare.

unbreakable 5

Unbreakable took a while. The image is of a thorn crown which is the crown Zeus and Madeline get to wear. It references when Zeus shoves the crown on to Madeline’s head during the story. Zeus is such a savior type.

unbelievable 1

Book five, Unbelievable is not an image per say. The entire book is covered in rain. It refers to the Holy Rain spell Zeus uses often throughout the series. It heals the land and revives Nature. It took a while to create. But I did end up liking the cover over all.

unavoidable front cover 2

The final book in the group is Unavoidable. The green cover with people surrounding a peace sign is not where it started. But with Zeus’s goal to make Equality the top most priority of the country, it ended up being a reasonable choice in cover. The texture is barely noticeable, but it is there.

All of the covers have been made using Pixabay and GIMP. I was the graphic artist for each one as well. I put effort and time into them. If you want to offer me a better cover, I wouldn’t be against starting up a conversation. Besides the free book in exchange, I could be talked into some level of payment.

Any further questions? Ask away. I love chatting.

[Leagende] [About Cat Hartliebe]

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