Leagende Childhood Memories

What made you decide to create childhood memories? In Undeniable, some of them were not present. What made you pick who you did? If you had to pick a favorite which one would it be?

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These stories were written so I would have a better grasp of the characters. I was getting a touch lost between the different people. So I gave everyone of importance their own chance. I did not give everyone a childhood memory. And several did not make it into the original book.

The reason why some missed the book was space. I didn’t want to go too crazy with additional pages and stories. The main story should be the bulk of the book. I picked my favorite stories with the characters that would be called most known. I wasn’t ignoring or denying the rest. I just couldn’t accept making half of Undeniable childhood memories. Adding all of them to the ebook series is a different story.

My favorite of the collection… Hmm…

Adain, Joshua, Juite, Hank, Alaenia, Sven, Anna, Richard, Bludi, Daphne, Castella, Izzy, Ellone, Recha, Donovan, Gold, Tyrone, Wilhelm

That’s the entire collection.

Adain, Joshua, Juite, Hank, Alaenia, Sven, Anna, Richard, Bludi, and Daphne made it into Undeniable.

Of the group, I would think… You ask the hard questions, don’t you? Hm… This is a tough one. I love Adain’s interaction with his sister while trying to hide from the queen. Daphne’s fun little past event with Bludi’s escape attempt is just too adorable. I think it falls between those two. I can’t decide!

Daphne. Her memory is too cute to ignore. Bludi is my favorite character. This is back before he is kicked out of the castle. Seeing him ignore the negativity offered him while finding a way to feel free. Yeah. Daphne’s short memory with her childhood best friend.

Do you have a favorite?

If I was requested, I could post the childhood memories individually on the blog as shorts. But only if I was requested nicely.

[Leagende] [About Cat Hartliebe]

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