If I could Join Leagende…

If you could join Leagende, where, when and as what?

[Leagende] [About Cat Hartliebe]

If I could enter the story at some point in the position or similar position to a character… I don’t know.

That’s not completely true. I want to be a Forest Elf with wings. If I could give myself a position that has money already, I would. Makes life easier, ya know?

Okay. I’ll be serious. I think I would want to enter into Leagende during Adain’s reign. Early on. I would like to be a young mage at the beginning of their mage training. Wings and magic. I could be half blood or marked something else. I want to look like a Forest Elf.

So you could find me working in a mage tower under a mage. Not sure who. Can I pick Joshua’s uncle? He has a mage tower and kindness in his heart.

Male or female? Indifferent.

Age? Old enough that I can practice without parents breathing down my back, young enough that it’s expected I live under someone else’s thumb. Just shy of 20 then?

Looks? Besides Forest Elf, I’m rather indifferent. Wings, magic, green skin, elf. I’ll let fate decide the rest.

Goals? Would I really have some? Write an amazing magical text based off of something I study and practice for decades. Live a long life offering a period of time to the castle. Find a place I can create my own mage tower and help other mages grow.

If only…

I guess I could write a short as if I was really this person.

Where would you like to join Leagende? When? As who? What would you want to look like? If you write up a short about yourself entering Leagende, I am willing to link or post it here.

[Leagende] [About Cat Hartliebe]

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