Favorite Leagende Story

Which one of the Leagende stories is your favorite and why?

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I may seem weird, but I think my favorite story in the collection is The Hair Incident. You can read it on the blog or in the series ebook. It really shows off Bludi’s resilience. (Update: Leagende Bonus contains this story in paperback now.)

Even though the story is free and short, I find myself connecting with the character. That connection is brought through the entire series.

Bludi is only a kid in The Hair Incident. There was a reference to this event during the letters in Unwanted. I expanded on the story because I thought it would be cute.

If I had to pick a story that nets me profit… Hm… Unwanted. The first book. It completely stands alone. It’s where you first learn about the characters and the country of Leagende. It’s where you follow Bludi’s hope. It reminds me the power of friendship, love, support, and family.

It also reminds me just because someone is blood doesn’t mean they are your support.

Plus, sometimes a little support goes a long way. Like with Bludi’s Uncle. Bludi was mistreated by him. But he was also supported. Those who can be your support don’t have to fully support you. They still deserves thanks for offering something. Something is better than nothing.

Thank you so much for everything, Bludi. Your life was tough. But that tough life only gives hope to others. Keep fighting. Don’t give up. We’ll succeed together.

[Leagende] [About Cat Hartliebe]

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