Leagende Book Club Questions

What could be some possible book club questions or English teacher questions for each book?

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Even though I said I don’t expect anyone to write up a book report? Ugh, you make things difficult. Alright, a few questions to start discussion coming right up.


  1. What is the importance of the twentieth birthday in Leagende?
  2. Bludi has a main goal of seeking his mother. Why is this deemed difficult? How would you feel in his position?
  3. What is the significance of his ability to fly without having a wing bone?
  4. What type of relationship does Bludi have with the other characters? Would you consider any of them positive? Negative?
  5. If you could pick any one scene as the most significant within the story, which one would you choose?
  6. What is the importance of magic throughout the entire book?


  1. There is a time jump between the first book and the second. Give a few suggestions as to what happened in that time.
  2. Has the relationship between Bludi and the others improved during this time?
  3. When they find out that the queen has been captured, what was your first thought? Did the characters react the way you expected?
  4. Out of the four possible ruler options, who would you pick? (Prince Hank, Princess Anna, Prince Sven, and Prince Bludi.) Do you think Bludi is right in putting off the coronation as long as possible? Why would you copy or counter his actions?
  5. Who do you think caused the problems for the castle and Queen Alaenia? Did Bludi miss the enemy?
  6. You get to hear a lot of Richard’s journey throughout the story. Do you think Richard was acting with a logical rational mind? Or did he act more on impulse? If you were in his shoes, would you have done the same thing?


  1. Castella and Adain start off the story by playing together. Is it surprising or unsurprising to have the siblings playing games at their age or together? When they are caught, does the reprimand make sense? Would you punish them further or less?
  2. Castella focuses on the queen’s crown often. Is that all she wants from the title of queen? Why do you think she is willing to go through with becoming the queen?
  3. Joshua hides a lot during the book. He does not try to befriend the princess. Do you think he is hiding specifically from the princess, from elves, or actually is caught by lots of different tasks?
  4. The queen tells Castella, “You need a full elf as a husband to gain the title of queen properly. Which would you like? Love or queen?” If you were in Castella’s position, would you make the same decision as her?
  5. In the end, the queen ends up being the biggest enemy to the royal castle. Why do you think she turned? Was she always unstable? Did you pick it out during the book? When you reread some of her interactions with the other characters, is it more obvious the second time?
  6. Who would you pick to become the king or queen? Was Adain the right choice? Give details from within the stories to support your claim.


  1. Does Adain’s quest make sense?
  2. Adain changed his name to Zeus. Why does he do this? How do the people around him respond to this change?
  3. Do you think the fate of the queen is fair? What would you have done instead?
  4. Adain made foolish mistakes going into Compast. Why do you think he decided on the action he took?
  5. Germania was questionable about the elves coming in. How did the group manage the capture of Germania? Did you expect the humans to conform?
  6. Adain/Zeus claimed Madeline as wife. What was the backlash to this decision? Was there another way to solve the issues around Madeline and her crowning?


  1. Does the switch between names make sense? What is Adain’s reason for fully accepting his new name Zeus?
  2. What is the Compast prince like? Would you want to be his friend? Do you support the idea of him becoming king of Compast? Or governor if Zeus gets his way?
  3. Are you shocked by the death of the queen? Are you shocked by any of the deaths throughout the book?
  4. Was there anything about Sven or Anna that surprised you?
  5. When Zeus takes claim of Compast, was there a moment you lost hope? Explain your reaction to that crowning.
  6. The book ends with two out of four countries annexed to Leagende. How do you think Zeus will managed to annex the other two?


  1. Madeline teases Zeus. Why do you think she teases him?
  2. There is a clear sign of exhaustion during this book. Would you say it is ruling in general or the quests Zeus has that make it exhausting?
  3. Bludi and Ellone seem like the backbone to the series, yet they are falling to the back burner. Why do you think that is? Are they needed or just wanted by the other characters?
  4. What do you think of Princess Rorianna? Would you trust her more or less than Madeline does?
  5. Did it make sense for Princess Izzy to leave the main castle in Kee? What benefit does she offer the mission she goes on?
  6. Did it make sense how Zeus managed to collect all the countries without excessive bloodshed? Would you have done the same? For the same reasons?


  1. Did anything surprise you during the stories?
  2. Did any future book make you reread a previous story?
  3. What story would you say is your favorite and why?

These are just a few random questions I pose to myself. It hopefully can lead to a discussion or an essay. Then again, I don’t expect my stuff to end up set for either.

[Leagende] [About Cat Hartliebe]

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