Leagende Series, Does It Go On?

A couple questions about Leagende. [About Cat Hartliebe]

How do you really feel now that the series is over?

Happy over all. Bludi was a fun character. I’ll miss him overall. But it’s nice to say it’s finished. This is my first finished series. It is almost like a weight has been lifted. Thank you, Bludi. Thank you, readers. I’m happy Leagende had time in the spotlight.

Does this mean Leagende as a series is truly over?

No. Actually, the next group of books has already begun. It will be within the same world. With another time lapse, I had to just cut off the series there. I mean Leagende ends with the entire country being back together. The next book is from Naomi’s life. She doesn’t even exist in book six. She is born after the series ends by Madeline and Zeus. Then we’re talking twenty years after birth. It’s a big time jump.

What’s the next book about?

It’s called Unwise right now. The titles of the series are in reverse alphabetical order and all start with ‘un’. The next series group will as well.


David Gillette, governor’s son, who looks nothing like the governor has little to look forward to.  His biggest goal after losing his chances of both governor and general is to join the court either as a mage or counsel member.

Being told he must submit his name for Crown Princess Naomi’s hand leads him concerned for even those desires.  All of his goals tossed aside because he can handle the princess.  For the guy who never thought he would become king, it seems the most likely option now.

The next collection will be called Leagende Reevaluated. Not much is truly known about the next collection of Leagende titles minus the fact it will be some time before they are published.

The more interested people are, the faster the next series will be written and published.

I’m looking forward to focusing my time and effort on something else. I want to get Dragon Rider published. I want to get more of Modern Werewolves published. Leagende will have to wait until another day.

Thank you for this four year long journey. I wouldn’t want it to end any other way.

Any further questions, ask. I’m always open to communication.

[Leagende] [About Cat Hartliebe]

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