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At this point, I have enough published works to do one promotion a month without any lapses. So, I should promote my books monthly. This month will be The Secret of Pack 413.

I think a giveaway is in order. 10 copies. Link found at the bottom.

Let’s begin!

the secret of pack 413

The Secret of Pack 413 is book one in Modern Werewolves. There are two levels to this series. The world arch and the minor series arch. The series as a whole is called Modern Werewolves. This minor arch that will contain three books is Crazy Alphas. The other two books within this series are The Secret of Preshift and The Secret of Luna.

The Secret of Pack 413 follows Monique Tersey as she learns about her friends inside pack being werewolves. There’s a few hidden secrets that I won’t bring up now. Still, she does not pick up on them being werewolves until her beloved Victor flat out tells her. In a world where fantasy doesn’t exist, would you believe werewolves do? Monique is too smart to believe it as well. That is until she sees Victor as a werewolf. Things start clicking together. Monique had no idea what befriending Victor and Freda would bring her.

However, Monique wouldn’t change a thing after finding out either.

Open your mind to the possibility of werewolves in the first book of Modern Werewolves: The Secret of Pack 413.

Genre: Urban Fantasy.

Would I consider this book a paranormal romance? Yes and no. The reason the book isn’t marked romance is because although this one may pull it off, not all of them do. There is too much gruesomeness within the series. I won’t change that. Werewolves are where horror and romance collide. Some of the books lean closer to erotica. Others are filled with horror. It’s a world unlike any other.

That is why at the beginning of the books I always put:


::Modern Werewolves::

This book is for mature audiences. I do not shy away from sex, sexuality, fighting, or gruesomeness. If it fits in the story, it will be within the story. Each book (excluding several of the shorts) of this series is meant to be a full story surrounding the true mating of the main character.

It should stand alone, but also can be read as a group. Each book is written in the voice of the main character, which is why some almost ignore the romance and some do not focus on the actual action.

It’s important because of the topic and the concerns around said topic. You can’t have the main character watch their father be killed in the first chapter and think oh this is romance. That’s book three, The Secret of Luna. So even if this book is tame over all. Not all of them will be.

Not every story will be about a teenager either. Each book hits a slightly different concern and issue. Things humans deal with, although not exactly the same.

The secret of luna
the secret of preshift
the secret of pack 413

The Secret of Pack 413: Monique Tersey, freshmen in high school.
The Secret of Preshift: Kitty Kostet, freshmen in high school
The Secret of Luna: Beth Loverly, senior in high school

Alpha Protector: Jason Lopez, freshmen in high school (although he was held back)
Alpha’s Diner: Will Fields, ninth grader in middle school
Alpha Successor: Dominic Kostet, 25ish
Alpha’s Guard: Richard Ryans, 30s
Alpha’s Mistrusted: Brian Ryans, 18 high school graduate
Alpha’s Concern: Kyle Freivarg, 100 years old

alpha protector
alpha successor
Alphas guards
alphas mistrusted
alphas concern

That’s the first two complete mini arcs as currently stands. Crazy Alphas are nearly done. Crazy Town is the second arc group. Crazy Town isn’t fully organized, so it may change some, but not much. These guys are getting their story told.

As for anything else within the world: ask questions. I love my werewolves. I have many stories of different types. Although the bulk are a true mate pairing as the main plot point, that’s not always the main focus of the story. It’s there, though. So as much as romance is a possible genre, it’s more horror is too commonplace.

And here, I hate horror. Still life has a lot of horror. Horror is everywhere. I give you horror and still aim for a happy ending. Or happy-ish ending. Sorry.

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Any questions, suggestions, or concerns send me an email or leave a message here. The comment section is not set to automatic because I have a stalker. If you are not a stalker or spam, I will post the comment. I always read all the comments. (The stalker’s comments piss me off. The spam ones are just funny.)

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