WIP: Pair to be Sacrificed

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This opening and plot idea is several years old.

(more than several…) It came from… *shrug* But the insanity probably would have been light compared to what I’d write now. I’m more vicious and write more horror. Guarantee if I wrote this when I started it would’ve been a romance. Now? It’s going horror. It may not even have the romance, although we’re getting a friendship guarantee out of it. I know all the important missing pieces. One day (maybe Nanowrimo), perhaps I finish it. Sounds like a fun time.

There’s no title. currently. The document is saved as Pair to be Sacrificed.

Read if you desire. It was just a quick transcription from my old notes. Cleaning only creates new stories. (in this case, I found old stories, lol)

In this world, cantrips and minor spells are common.

But once every twenty years, a pair is chosen.

Female: power over the elements wind, water, fire, earth. nicknamed: Siren or Grounded Goddess.

Male: power over the secondary four: life, death, chaos, order. Nicknamed: Dinosaur or Wingless Dragon.

The MC was but a small child when the time came for the 20 year chosen. Being called to stand on the stream was unstoppable. Five year olds. Everyone watches as the symbol appears below me as I walk across the water.

Then he jumps on to the water after me. He seems about my age, a child still just learning.

The path I am forced to take is to him. He walks toward me. We stand face to face ignoring the marks scrolled over the water. We clasp hands as the crowd watches.

Uncertain of it, I feel the pull. The pull to him. Unsure, unready, I brace myself wondering about the magic’s request. No one explained anything to do with the chosen. No one explains anything even if the adults saw the last one twenty years ago.

A kiss. A chaste light lip to lip kiss. The kiss does little to me. A warmth spreads across my body as if spell pours in. But for him, my partner in this? He transforms. He grunts and cries out as his skin changes to scales. His hands end in claws. I gasp covering my mouth as he changes. but when I stop touching him, the marks on the water disappear and he starts to sink into the stream. I don’t. I grab for him denying the water’s captured. A light shines below his feet as I beg for him to stay on the surface with me. A spell. I used a spell for water walking.

He rubs his head while thanking me. Or I think he’s thanking me. His face is different. His teeth are different. he flexes his chin a few times. Then he flexes his hands. When he shakes his head, the form disappears. Now I can really hear the thanks.

We walk off the stream together. Not holding hands or anything. People distance themselves from us. I frown looking at the crowd.

It’s not surprising for me to gain this. They always whispered behind my back. I received only enough to survive.

The chieftain nods to me. “You will be given the god’s residence.” It’s a comment to both of us. The small home lacks for nothing. We have separate rooms and communal areas. People only come when they seek help. Even at five, I am sought for help. My power is.

before even a year like this, my partner is taken away. His parents called it mistreatment. It left me alone in the god’s residence. But I survive. I manage. The village offers me enough to make it through those twenty years. As the time came to close, I set myself up with a small hut at the edge of town. Just enough to offer help to the next group. After a few years, I’ll leave forever. There is a great big world out there. I’m done being their “holy one”.

As much as I studied, I learned my powers won’t be lost. The books and knowledge is hard to find. It’s impossible to gain from the other villagers. They still offer me little to nothing. But there are books within the residence. With my free time I found them. I studied them. Then I started my own. Compiling all knowledge I had from my readings and the new situations I found myself in. It helped in a lot of ways. I may have been the only one living in the residence, but I could lean on so many before me.

I stand aside from the others as the ceremony takes place. Not much happens at first. But that’s because of who is the chosen. An infant. A child who cannot walk yet. That’s horrible. I frown watching the mother with magic gazed eyes bring the swaddled baby out to the water. This is who takes my place? A baby? How could they manage to handle what I went through? Although they’d know no other life.

Who is her partner? Several minutes pass. Whispers start. I click my tongue. This is crazy. This entire ceremony is crazy. I walk out to the walk. I know the spell. I use it readily.

It’s a good thing I did. Arrows come for the infant. I offer the guard readying a pulse of lightning if the thing shows itself. The village as I look over at them are screaming and running around like idiots. Here I thought a year or two of showing the new kid some ropes, I would move on and see the world. I look down at the innocent baby. No. I can’t just leave them. Holding the baby, I look around. My pulse is still ready, but will be harder to use.

Before I come up with an answer, someone lands on the stream near me. The mark of the pair shows below him, but he’s my age. “Neo?”

“No time to explain.” He grabs my hand destroying my pulse. I hold the baby tightly as we run along the stream and away from the village.

I was hoping for freedom. I didn’t think this would be the way to it. More it seems like everything is just one big problem.

The previous chosen are supposed to make the new chosen. So the male had a son who was trying to head to the stream. Her parents were the previous ones, but were sacrificed just after her birth. The older adults knew she would be chosen, so kept a level of distance. They also made sure others kept their distance. The chosen ones are sacrificed more often than not. The trio are running to the child trying to gain his powers. The kiss can happen anywhere on the stream. It’s up to her to keep everyone safe as they move into a safe space away from the village where they’re certain to die.

Any interest? I was looking for this story a few weeks ago. It’s weird and fun.

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