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leagende series cover final

I’ve been thinking about different marketing options. One of them is to create a picture with the cover and short reason to buy a particular story. Technically I already did that for Leagende. It didn’t help. No one bought any of the final book or the series ebook. It’s devastating to think I put in all this effort into my stories only to be completely ignored.


I started putting together a few others.

Leagende isn’t quite the set up I was going for the promo picture posts. It’s meant to be meme like. I don’t think I could make up a meme. It’s beyond my skill set. Oh well. No loss, no gain.

trouble Royals promo

I worked on Troubled Royals. Using the four ebook covers and the paperback’s cover, I created a promo picture that may help sell books.

May. I have no confidence in any of my efforts and skills.

Besides with the actual writing side of things. I’m confident as a writer. I’m not confident with much else in this field.

Either way, I’m happy somewhat with the promotion. To make it better, I think I need to drop the individual covers. They don’t work well together. What things can I add to it? What wording can I use? I want to offer each book a separate promo post, but that’s for after I get a few others done first.

cheap ebook shorts promo

The next group I worked on is my ebook shorts. There are a few I have online. They aren’t connected minus with the fact they are short stories in ebook form only. I did this for the promo post on November 1st. I’m not offering a giveaway. My promotions are to remind my followers and readers I have a lot of books available. The prices aren’t crazy either.

In the case of The Spoon, Dark Silence, and Beautiful, it’s less than a dollar. These three will disappear when The Bet collection happens. Sorry I’m so late on that.

first meeting promo

First Meeting took me a few minutes to manage into something okay. I’m not exactly happy with it, but I’m not upset with it either. FYI, Cyro isn’t helpful with the quality of these posts. The guy just agreed with everything I tried. Not even this look better. He responded with “It’s the same”. It was clearly NOT the same, Cyro. Sheez. He’s a bad beta reader too. He’ll tell you he loved the book. Or he won’t finish it. There is no shades of grey in his world yet. I’m trying.

When it comes to First Meeting’s promo, I think I need to add in price. Maybe in one of the top corners I’ll mark the ebook and paperback in American money. I don’t know though. Any suggestions on this one? (Or any of them?)

poetry promo

The final promotion post attempt I made was my poetry books. There are three books currently. Random Poems of Cat Hartliebe, Poem a Day May 2015, and Poem a Day May 2018. Am I happy with the picture overall? Sure. It’s not bad, I guess. Could it be better? Absolutely.

My backgrounds are all a single color. Should I change that? Should I make further notes? Should I put more information? Should I use a gradient or a background picture?

I still have several stories to go. I have a lot of books published now. After I do this, I want to get quotes done. Each book needs quotes pulled out. Those can turn into little pictures too. First though, this is important.

List of books:

  1. Troubled Royals: Annabella and Ji, Crown Princess, Cursed Items, and Missing Royals
  2. Beautiful
  3. Dark Silence
  4. The Spoon
  5. First Meeting
  6. Tsuba Ren
  7. Poem a Day May 2015 and 2018
  8. Random Poems of Cat Hartliebe
  9. Leagende Series: Unwanted, Unexpected, Undeniable, Unbreakable, Unbelievable, and Unavoidable.
  10. Modern Werewolves: The Secret of Pack 413 and The Secret of Preshift.
  11. (Coming Soon on December 3rd) Dragon Rider: 6th Grade

Marketing is hard. I’m poor. My skills are weak. I don’t want to start anything until Friday though. It’s edits or marketing until then.

Edit: I made up Leagende, Tsuba Ren, Modern Werewolves, and Dragon Rider 6th Grade promo pictures. And I got a couple quotes done for Cursed Items and Unavoidable. I’ll be posting them randomly as a way to boost sales. I hope you like them.

Leagende promo
tsuba ren promo
modern werewolves promo
dragon rider 6th grade promo
  • cursed Items quote 1

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