New Goals

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With the conclusion for my big goals (My Big Goals, Big Goals II), I decided my old goals weren’t cutting it. They offered something, but not enough. I’m not ignoring them. Generally speaking, the same goals have appeared in this list as well. (Minus dishes. Fuck you Dishes.)

I figured I should start them beginning November 1st. Whenever you do goals, it’s important to mark when you begin and the timeline you give yourself to complete them. These goals like my previous ones are set to a year. The goal of these goals is to reach closer to my big goals. The problem really being the only one that’s easy to point out as to direction is my author status. That’s okay.

I’ll be fixing them as I go. Once I finish one, it’ll get remove and probably replaced. These aren’t end goals. They’re more revolving goals. Once I get a doctor who listens, I’ll know the next step. I don’t know it right now. I first need to find that doctor. Some are last step goals. Like find quotes for all my published books and make them into memes or small pictures for ease of use. That’s a last step and one I’m already working on. It seemed like an easy step out of all of them.

So, here’s my new goal list.

Specific goals nov 1st 2019 to nov 1st 2020.

  1. Complete Nano 2019.
  2. Publish Dragon Rider 6th Grade.
  3. Publish Dragon Rider 7th Grade.
  4. Publish The Secret of Luna.
  5. Ready Alpha Protector, Alpha’s Diner, and Alpha Successor for publishment.
  6. Publish at least 6 stories.
  7. Find a doctor who listens.
  8. Weigh the different fields you’re interested in and run at one.
  9. Tell someone every day you love them.
  10. Show gratitude to someone every day.
  11. Make Kevin more aware of his emotions/ his viewpoint/ his interests/ etc.
  12. Read at least 50 stories.
  13. Read at least 12 new stories.
  14. Have weekly blog posts.
  15. Write ten poems every month.
  16. Get more skilled in Korean than in German.
  17. Write out the complete list of allergens.
  18. Have a working print copy of your cookbook with at least 50 recipes.
  19. Pull out quotes from every story you have published or will publish.
  20. Write ten new stories.
  21. Weekly promotion facebook and twitter posts.

That’s a lot. I know that. But we’re talking a year long. And many aren’t hard. It’s keep up the good work more than anything. If you wanna help or are interested to learn further about any of them say something.

Since I’m planning on creating ten poems a month, my weekly poetry will continue. Mondays will show off my favorite poems I find in my collection or one of my newest poems. Some weeks I add in another day or two just because. Poems of Cat Hartliebe 2019 (working title) will be published early next year as well. I’ll need a work on formatting which will take at least a week.

I’m good at formatting. That doesn’t mean I can finish an entire book in a few minutes. Especially one as format specific as a poem book. The novels are easier and still take hours of work. (If you desire my help with formatting, speak up!)

This is accountability. Yell at me if you notice I’m not working enough.

[About Cat Hartliebe]

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