November 2019 Promo Post: Fiction Short Stories

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Looking at November, I question which of my books I want to promote. Decisions, decisions. How about I just post about my ebook short stories that will disappear once The Bet and Other Fiction Shorts is published?

The Spoon, Beautiful, and Dark Silence will all leave the classification of published the moment they are published in the collection. Honestly, the only book in the collection that needs a serious edit is The Bet. It’s not ready, so I’ll wait.

the spoon cover ebook

The Spoon

It is an old flash fiction short. It’s a common request of writing professors to write from a silverware’s perspective. As common as it is, I never received the request. But I wrote the short for it anyway. My writing professors thought it was cute. So did the various people I showed it to. As long as you don’t think too deeply about the story, it’s a cute little piece matching the random request. For now, it is an ebook marked to free. It cannot be found everywhere. It can be found a lot of places. Free isn’t liked by Amazon. Smashwords
The cover was a quick make using a free picture from and I’ll suggest both if you’re making covers on a zero cost budget.

beautiful cover ebook


It was created as one of those challenges: write, edit, publish within 24 hours. I made the challenge up. It’s a serious challenge. One that many writers manage actually, even if by default. It also matches the challenge of no genders for characters. Literally none. The painter is the “I”. They are undefined. The person being painted is “you”. This was done on purpose. Beautiful is 99 cents in America. It’s available everywhere you can buy books (hopefully). It’s a quick, cute short. I love it. I hope you do too. It’s dedicated to GD (Go ahead and read Happy Birthday GD). I made the cover using Pixabay and GIMP for free.
Smashwords Amazon US

dark silence ebook cover

Dark Silence

The final of these cheap shorts is Dark Silence. Dark Silence was posted for those questioning my suicidal thoughts. Yeah, you. Nothing I say matters to them. They’re so focused with stats and assumptions that they refuse to listen. If you don’t listen to those with mental issues, you’ll never help. Why did I end up going to the psych hospital? Because someone was an ass to me. And you believed them more than me. Complete strangers should not be given those rights. Fucking Bastards. Dark Silence has a main character who is disabled and fights against the tide of suicide. Even if life is hell, at least it exists. It’s dedicated to my psych hospital. They taught me nothing. This short was written months ago. I would do better with a therapist. Most people would. But I don’t NEED one. I’m not there. I need a PCP to figure out my issues. I need people believing me when I say something wrong. Not assume they know what’s wrong. Not assume they know better than me. Listen, damnit. I need someone who listens. I don’t need a therapist as much as I need a family who gives a crap. When will I stop being Cinderella, hm?
The cover was a quick make using GIMP. I do love the story. Don’t give in to suicide even if it sounds like the only option left. Because it never is the only option left. This is only 99 cents in American money. Find it everywhere online. Smashwords Amazon US

These three shorts will disappear when The Bet is finished. Until then, you can buy them online for cheap. It’s not like the collection will end up being expensive. I sell my books for little profit. I’m here to grant people hope and freedom through words. It’s all I can do right now to help.

My published books right now:

  1. Troubled Royals including Cursed Items, Missing Royals, Annabella and Ji, and Crown Princess
  2. Beautiful
  3. Dark Silence
  4. The Spoon
  5. Tsuba Ren
  6. First Meeting (a collection of 25 books)
  7. The Secret of Pack 413
  8. The Secret of Preshift
  9. Random Poems of Cat Hartliebe
  10. Poem a Day May 2015
  11. Poem a Day May 2018
  12. Leagende Series (ebook collection)
  13. Unwanted
  14. Unexpected
  15. Undeniable
  16. Unbreakable
  17. Unbelievable
  18. Unavoidable
  19. Dragon Rider 6th Grade (Published December 3rd!!!)

Ask questions. Make suggestions. I need to plan out next year’s promo posts. I think each one of my books deserves a day. That’s a lot of days.

[About Cat Hartliebe] [Cat Hartliebe’s Books]

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