Dedications:: Dark Silence, Beautiful, Dragon Rider 6th Grade.

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I have so many books. And basically all of them have their own dedications. I think The Spoon may be the only one who doesn’t have one. I won’t go over all of them right now. (Leagende has been explained already.)

I want to explain my new dedications: Beautiful, Dark Silence, and Dragon Rider 6th Grade. You can buy the first two. Dragon Rider will be out shortly.

Which should I start with?

The most obvious one: Dark Silence

I am very clear who this is dedicated to: Carrier Clinic. It’s a psych hospital. A random person decided I was a threat to myself or others (suicidal this time) and called the police on me. They were wrong. The police took me to the ER which was HELL. I’m allergic to something in their air supply. Not exactly unsurprisingly with my weird collection of allergens. I wasn’t allowed freedoms at all. I was only allowed to be sick constantly with them. They didn’t care at all. That’s how medical staff acts, though. They don’t give a shit about the patients who stay there. PESS came and didn’t give one ounce of care what I said. They only weighed on what the random stranger told police. So I was involuntarily admitted to Carrier Clinic. Out of all the in patient stays, I’d say this hospital was the best. They actually believed me about my allergens. I wasn’t given a lot to eat, but I wasn’t going into shock either. I survived on rice and water. They ignored any of my other complaints. Like when I went into hypoglycemia. If you’re not diabetic, they don’t give a rat’s ass about your blood sugar. I figured that out. Guess what people? Low blood sugar is an acute killer. High blood sugar issues is chronic. Hypoglycemia is very dangerous. I felt it. I knew it. I fucking know what low blood sugar is. And the nurses just shrugged at me like I didn’t matter. “Sit down, it’ll go away.” Bullshit! That’s not how it works. Low blood sugar crisis only goes away with sugar. I had to make a hot water sugar solution while under low issues. All this only made me realize I can’t live with my family at current. I can’t stay here. I don’t do the whole family thing everyone says you must. But guess what? That’s what I was asking for before this whole event. I put a message out on FB asking for assistance out of my family’s reign of terror. My family is killing me. And that whole thing left me going to a psych ward. It’s just one fucking asshole after another. No one believed me. “Why are you here?” Because I wasn’t given a fucking choice. “What’s your goals while here?” I don’t have any because I don’t belong here.
My entire life everyone has called me crazy. Fuck off. You don’t know what’s truly insane if you call me such. I’m sick and tired of all the bullshit. I need out of my current situation, not be locked in a room. Fuck off.


Perhaps I should have picked one of the others first. That ended up being another vent on the topic. Dark Silence has suicide as the main point. Or really the fight to deny suicide.


This one is dedicated to GD. So strange. Two letters that could mean anything or anyone. Ha! There’s only one person I truly consider beautiful to the extent of this story: 권지용 otherwise known as GD. What? You need me to explain further? Nope. Figure it out. I’ll be over here just staring at him. The conclusion where they don’t get together really hits home. I have no chance for GD. I can love him as much as I want from afar. (Happy Birthday GD easy research)

Dragon Rider 6th Grade:

As everyone knows this one is truly dedicated to my lovely little child: Cyro. It’s being published for their birthday. They’re turning eleven just like Natalie in the story. It’s perfect right? Cyro thinks so. They love the story. They’re listening to me do my read out loud edit. They were annoyed I stopped yesterday. How dare I? My voice was in need of something. You can only read books out loud for so long. There is a second dedication I added to this story. I leave it as aloof as possible while letting him be able to guess exactly. I don’t want random strangers picking him out of a crowd. “To Cyro and his cousin’s favorite uncle L.” L refers to my sister’s brother. He helped me expand out of the classical boy meets girl motif found so commonly in fantasy. He wasn’t the only one. But right now his life is tough. This was my way of saying ‘thank you’ and proving that he matters. To gain a book’s dedication is special. I hope his life turns around. It’s a tough world for him.

That’s three dedications. I should explain the others out there. If you have questions about one, speak up. There is always more beyond my dedications. Always.

[About Cat Hartliebe] [Cat Hartliebe’s Books]

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