Promo Post December…. Or Not?

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This month I am skipping the promo post. It isn’t helping. No one really cares about it. My poems get positive attention. That’s basically it.

For the coming year, I will continue my poetry. Every week I will post a poem. To make that possible, I want to write at least ten poems every month. Both posting poems and writing them should be easy enough to do.

I do not know if I will do Friday Short Story as we move into the next year. The final chapter for The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper will post this month. There is no further shorts being displayed after that. I don’t think I’ll continue. I’d rather publish the shorts I come up with. I’ll weigh my options.

I will be <hopefully anyway> adding monthly book reviews. My goal is to review a book that has less than 50 reviews. There are a lot more out there with a small number of reviews. I can definitely do monthly book reviews. Monthly indie book reviews? That may be a touch tougher. Mostly because I have to gain access to the indie book. I don’t have any funds. If you want me to review your book that has less than 50 reviews, let me know.

This year I published Unbelievable, The Secret of Preshift, Crown Princess, Cursed Items: A Series of Shorts, The Spoon, Annabella and Ji, Troubled Royals, Unavoidable, Leagende Series, Beautiful, Dark Silence, and Dragon Rider 6th Grade.


Next year I plan to get a poem book going, The Secret of Luna, The Bet and Other Fiction Short Stories, Dragon Rider 7th Grade, and Dragon Rider 8th Grade.

There are many things in the works. There has been many attempts I’ve tried. I’m not telling enough people about my stories. If they don’t know, they will never find them interesting. But I’m hit with this self doubt.

Why would anyone want to read my stuff? It’s crap.

But if it’s truly crap, why do I have different people of different viewpoints interested in it at all?

They’re lying to me. To make me feel better.


Part of me reminds me that it’s a snowball. Until it starts rolling downhill, it will never increase in size. All I have to do is push it off the side of the cliff. Once it starts rolling or falling, I’ll know the truth.

I’m afraid to know the truth.

I’ve done sales, coupons, giveaways. A lot of people have my books in your ereader. Quite a few have my paperbacks. Either they haven’t looked at it since acquiring it or it’s in the vague it wasn’t amazing and it wasn’t crap so I’m not writing a review zone.

I am giving all my facebook friends an pdf and mobi file of Unwanted. Maybe then I’ll get somewhere. Maybe they just didn’t see me through all the crowds of stuff. When I am one of thousands of friends, my stuff gets lost.

If you are interested in the free pdf or mobi of Unwanted send me a message: Contact Cat Hartliebe.

Thanks for reading this far and being with me over my year’s journey. I wish I could be someone’s favorite author. No. I wish I could support myself with my writing. I write enough. I can create a story from start to finish very quickly. I can format and edit. I can create covers that aren’t completely lame. This is all my work. I did everything. My beta readers, those who read the entire thing, don’t have the level of editing skill to surpass my own notice. I can’t pay for editors. I can’t pay for cover designers. I can’t pay for anything.

Does that make me bad? I am a horrible author? I am a bad writer?

Or is this all just poor marketing? All my attempts at making a snowball have landed me with a pile of slush.

I wish I knew. I wish I truly knew whether those who acquired my books actually read them or not. Will I have a coming year that grants me profit enough to pay all my bills? Or to grant me tea every time I go to B&N? Or put food in my mouth?

Will I get reviews that prove people have read the story?

If those memes about this month being a plot twist happen, I would be grateful. I feel as if it’s more likely something bad will happen. But if the something is big enough it should get me more notice as an author.

Here’s to hoping for a plot twist.

THAT WAS NOT THE PLOT TWIST I WANTED. Damnit. A pandemic is never the plot twist I want.

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