Goals Jan 2020

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Technically I started my goal list November 1st, 2019.
That’s because I ended the year with a major break down.
It was fabulous (No it wasn’t…).

So I have some goals I made back then that I am working on. It has grown a touch since I decided on them in October.

Specific goals nov 1st 2019 to nov 1st 2020.

  1. Complete Nano 2019. (77k total)
  2. Publish Dragon Rider 6th Grade. (December 2019)
  3. Publish Dragon Rider 7th Grade.
  4. Publish The Secret of Luna.
  5. Ready Alpha Protector, Alpha’s Diner, and Alpha Successor for publishment.
  6. Publish at least 6 stories.
  7. Find a doctor who listens.
  8. Weigh the different fields you’re interested in and run at one.
  9. Tell someone every day you love them.
  10. Show gratitude to someone every day.
  11. Make Kevin more aware of his emotions/ his viewpoint/ his interests/ etc.
  12. Read at least 50 stories.
  13. Read at least 12 new stories.
  14. Have weekly blog posts.
  15. Write ten poems every month.
  16. Get more skilled in Korean than in German.
  17. Write out the complete list of allergens.
  18. Have a working print copy of your cookbook with at least 50 recipes.
  19. Pull out quotes from every story you have published or will publish.
  20. Write ten new stories.
  21. Weekly promotion facebook and twitter posts.
  22. Monthly book reviews

I have read six books (I guess… Did I fail to write something down? Possibly). Two of them are indie authors. They had limited reviews on their stories and those became my two monthly reviews. I need to find another indie book with low reviews for January. (Any suggestions?)

I have written ten poems in November and December.

Poem Written (Date)

  1. Shattered (11/13)
  2. I Can’t (11/13)
  3. Black (11/13)
  4. Stand Tall (11/13)
  5. Dragons (11-18-19)
  6. Zero (11-30)
  7. I am the star (11-30)
  8. There is a Simple Answer (11-30)
  9. The Mirror Lies (11-30)
  10. Blinking Cursor (11-30)
  11. It’s Time for Winter’s White (12-2)
  12. Cake (12-3)
  13. Pretty Kitty (12-10)
  14. Don’t (song) (12-27)
  15. Pink (song) (12-27)
  16. Sunbae (song) (12-27)
  17. Princess (song) (12-28)
  18. Stay With Us (song) (12-31)
  19. Look (12-31)
  20. I Love You (12-31)
  21. It is a Beautiful Day (1-1)
bigbang blackpink duo
Current CD cover. Don’t is such an intro song.

Yeah. You’ll see some of the poems pop up on the blog. And yes I was working on songs. I had a worthless idea of making a joint CD between Blackpink and Bigbang. So I have several songs for that CD. They wouldn’t truly work since I don’t know Korean well enough to write songs. Maybe by the end of the year the CD will actually be a fictional version of a real kpop CD. It’s a partial goal.

I mean I want to be able to write decently in Korean. And really if I turn these songs into real kpop songs, I would be better in Korean than German. That’s the level of my German. I’ve written poetry and shorts in German. Are they worthy to be seen by the public? I wouldn’t think so. I’m pretty sure anyone who can actually read German would just laugh at my horrible-ness. Still this is a good goal to have. Let’s see if I manage 12 songs for the CD.

My poems will be going up on my blog on Mondays. It may be the only good thing on Monday, so look forward to them.

I have to waste the time and energy to get all my allergens written down. I haven’t. I wonder if I even know everything. There’s so many things I can’t have. It’s nice to go without shock and reactions. I had no idea what it was like being free from allergens. That was an always thing for me.

As for the cookbook? I have fully accepted two cookie recipes. They’re done-done. Chocolate Chip and Oatcakes. I wish I had 50 I was comfortable with. But I do need to put together everything I have to form a physical book to look over. I can’t keep random sheets of paper around. I need a book.

I’m doing well enough with the quotes. I haven’t done every book. And what I have done, you’ve seen on the blog.

Books with Quotes (#)

  1. Cursed Items (2)
  2. Dragon Rider 6th Grade (29)
  3. Unavoidable (11)
  4. Annabella and Ji (5)
  5. Beautiful (4)
  6. Crown Princess (1)
  7. Dark Silence (2)
  8. Missing Royals (6)
  9. First Meeting (17)
  10. Tsuba Ren (30)
  11. The Secret of Pack 413 (28)

It’s a nice list. Except that’s not all my stories. I’ll finish them off soon. The novels and novellas are what’s left. And those will have give or take 30 quotes a piece. Or I should. Unavoidable only has 11. If I get 15 or so for each Leagende book, I’ll be happy. But for The Secret of Preshift I need 30ish quotes.

I haven’t gotten far on completing stories. Two shorts. That’s it. Good thing it’s only ten stories in twelve months. I’ll probably clear it using shorts too. I haven’t be up for keeping on top of this complicated novels I’m hatching.

I’ve been posting a bit more about my published stuff. I don’t know what to do or say for that. I probably should set up weekly quote posts with the link attached for amazon or smashwords. Facebook lets me set up future posts. I have a lot of quotes now. It would be easy to set up the entire year with quotes. What day and time? Wednesday at 3p? It’s random! I don’t know!

I would like to be a model. If you have a way I can make money modeling I’m down. Just ask. (I’m open to a lot of things.) I’m not up for fighting for the option, though. I wish I could throw down a gauntlet for it. I’d be hard pressed to even let people know I want to model.

As for further goals (You’re still reading my randomness? Congrats. I should get you a free ebook. Give me a message at my email or through fb. Seriously. Free ebook. Whichever one of my stories you want.)

Publishing possibilities for 2020.

  1. Year of Poems: 2019/ by Cat Hartliebe/ With a few special poems by Cyro Hartliebe (formatting; organization needed) **Formatted**
  2. Dragon Rider 7th Grade (Cyros choice) (heavy edit)
  3. Dragon Rider 8th Grade (heavy edit)
  4. The Secret of Luna, Book Three of Crazy Alphas. (heavy edit)
  5. Allergen Friendly Cookbook (prep recipes; maybe just draft this coming year)
  6. The Bet and Other Fiction Short Stories (edit needed)
  7. Poem a Day May 2020 (if the month performs)
  8. First Meeting X2 (?) (twenty shorts needed) (edit and format needed)
  9. Dove (?) (full rewrite still needed) **rewrite is coming along nicely**
  10. Low Level Demons (?) (rewrite first 10+ halves for first book)
  11. Love or Die (?) (rewrite needed; jack’s perspective first)
  12. Werecat: Shifting Values (?) (rewrite needed; heavy edit) (short)
  13. Skill Less and Other Fantasy Short Stories (?) (heavy edit)
  14. Head of Hart (?) (rewrite needed)
  15. Snow White Reworked (?) (heavy edit) (short)
  16. Arissa, the Reading Princess (?) (rewrite? heavy edit) (novella)
  17. Returning Home (?) (rewrite needed) (novella)
  18. The New Merlin (?) (Cyros choice) (johns choice) (heavy edit or rewrite)
  19. American White (?) (edit needed)
  20. Brazilian Blue (?) (rewrite; heavy edit)
  21. Paranormal Stories NJWP (?) [Need more authors before publishing.]

Writing goals:

  1. Finish Organization as a whole. (million words+ series) **then edit book 1**
  2. Finish Kura as a whole. (half a million words series) **then edit book 1**
  3. Rewrite all of Modern Werewolves with timeline set and organized. (million words+ series) **one published a year. Get ahead.**
  4. Finish the rest of First Meeting X2 stories. (collection of shorts)
  5. Get more Dragon Bloodied stories going. (Individual shorts; history)
  6. Work on Leagende Reevaluated. (new series, suggested hold off on publishing)
  7. Finish Low Level Demons. (collection of interconnected shorts)
  8. Weekly poems on blog. (for Year of Poems: 2020)
  9. Rewrite Dragon Rider as a whole. Start on Alpha Shifter. (young adult fantasy; six books each)
  10. Finish Teen Test Train as a whole. (cyros choice) **then edit book 1**
  11. Finish Amenda trilogy. (final scene)
  12. Write Trigger first book minimum.

No, I don’t have a lot of thoughts floating around my head. Why do you ask? I’m gonna get to work on something. After eating something. Food does come before work.

If you are interested in anything I wrote about (or wish to offer your wisdom), leave a message. I’m not in over my head. This is how I organize things. Yes, it looks like a lot. But with each goal, I focus in on the point I can do and go. The ocean is filled with droplets of water. A beach is many grains of sand. Just because I can only make one grain of sand a day doesn’t mean I won’t have a beach eventually. One grain of sand is the first step to creating a beach.

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