Dove Update

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(WIP: Dove I updated this post to include the new rewrite opening. If you’re interested.)  

Rewrites can be rather easy. If all your doing is making things better without changing the timeline or the actions of the characters, it’s easy. I keep both files open and just boost paragraph by paragraph.

Dove is NOT easy. This rewrite is changing everything. I’m revamping the characters and the timeline. Certain events don’t happen and others happen differently.

I should be finished at about 120k words. I think. I’m only at 84k right now.

Scratch that. This may reach 150k. That’s going to mean I need to break it into two books (adding an extra scene here or there) or I need to cut down. Not sure which is more likely.

It’s moving along. But I have several more months to write. I know a lot of it will be skipped time, but it’s still a lot of scenes to go.

I don’t know if this rewrite will be the last time I write out the full draft. Most of the time I’ll reread scenes and plug them in or edit in the story. Serious rewrites are a pain. Which would you prefer? Two short novels or one extra long one? Dove falls closest to LBGT+ Romance now. I moved away from the fantasy elements and the story around them is definitely shoved to the back. The main conflict is the relationship between Icarus and Joe.  

dove cover 1

first attempt at Dove cover. It doesn’t fit the story.
dove cover 2
It fits the story better, but attempt 2 isn’t good enough either.
dove cover 3
This was third attempt and a fail. two is better.
dove cover 4
My idea was for Icarus to be looking down at the city for the cover. But giving him an image for the cover ruins the reader’s decision as to what he looks like. That’s why I do shadows. His arms look weird here though.
dove cover 5
This is my current preferred front cover. It’s not preferred so much that I made it into a full cover.
dove full cover
This was my first full cover attempt. When I figure out how I want the front cover to be and the exact words for the back, I’ll fix it.

[About Cat Hartliebe] [Cat Hartliebe’s Books]

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