Happy Puppy!

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I just published a new short story. It’s super short, but it is super powerful.

It’s all about perspective.

Happy Puppy! #99cents #ebook
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B084J9S6J2
Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/1003529 (currently on sale for free)
Various other places will have it up shortly.

And I never said you wouldn’t cry.

happy puppy cover

I haven’t made a promo picture for it. I haven’t pulled quotes from it. I may not. It’s short only a few hundred words. I can’t pull quotes out of The Spoon. I will eventually upgrade my old shorts promo picture to include this one. Just like I need to do that for my poem books.

Happy Puppy is within the The Bet and Other Fiction Short Stories collection. The Spoon, Beautiful, and Dark Silence are all going to be in the book as well. For now, you can read these few stories for a dollar or less. I will never try to break the bank, promise.

The Bet and Other Fiction Short Stories is a collection I want to get published this year. The Bet is really the story that needs a proper editing. The rest of the stories within the collection are good enough. I may end up publishing another one from the book. I haven’t decided. These are my favorites. I don’t want them hiding in the dark recesses, so it’s important to let them free into the public.

How did I manage to write this a bouncy and horrific tale?

I wrote this from the perspective of a dog because that’s allowed. People have a tendency to ignore the fact we are allowed to kill our pets. It’s legal. And a hyper dog was one of the types to end up on the death bed when the shelter gets full.

I understand such a dog since my dog was that way. I watch his life alongside mine. His bounce and excitement was uncontainable. Dogs generally use non verbal communication like the happy puppy did to voice excitement. He also used verbal communication to gain the acceptance and allowance he needed. None of it worked, because the people who came didn’t understand him.

That’s a feeling I know well.

The feeling of not being understood. You’re trying to explain your desires, but they only perceive you as being loud or difficult or ‘too much’.

The only way out is through the gate. And that lead to a place of no return from the reader’s perspective. From the happy puppy’s though, it was the place of freedom. No one could deny its run. No one could deny the freedom it finally gained.

This is the feeling of a disabled. We try so hard to be accepted.

And we’re typically not.

Since we don’t conform, we are often times lead to death.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Consider us. Don’t turn aside when we’re clearly asking for something. We’re asking because we need help.

Don’t turn away from the happy puppy just because they seem too happy.

This is a super short that is super powerful.

Pass it along to your friends.

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