Origins of Dragon Rider

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You’ll never guess where Dragon Rider started.


Yeah. Fanfiction.

You can’t think of any story that matches at all to Dragon Rider, can you?

That’s because it’s nothing like the original fiction attachment.

Maybe you know about Winx Club.

Anything matches? Well… Not a lot, right? That’s where Dragon Rider started. It started as a what if a dragon went to school with these fairies. None of the characters match. None of the setting matches. Everything changed in the first draft. I didn’t make it a paragraph before I could no longer call it fanfiction.

I mentioned before I suck at writing fanfiction. My worlds change. The characters change. I fill in gaps and situations that may not have even existed. Then before I even know it, it’s not fanfiction. You couldn’t even connect the two. In this case more than most.

I loved Winx Club. It’s such an adorable kids show about fairies out to save the world, all the worlds, all while figuring out how to be teenagers and fairies. The progression of their powers, their emotions, their relationships, and their lives really shows common events among teens without going into the negative events. I didn’t get the chance to watch it as a middle schooler, who is really the matched age, but as an adult. I wish I had it when I was younger. I was denied watching shows I would preference growing up. Having three brothers and a father who owned the television gave me zero chance to watch anything like this.

Dragon Rider is far different from the fluff you find in Winx Club. The age of Natalie is younger than where Winx Club even starts. They mention that the school starts earlier than the first season, but I changed a lot more than just that. It became a magic school within the first few minutes of writing. Natalie is a dragon blood starting from page one.

So can I call this fanfiction?

No. I really can’t. I just wanted you to see how far my fanfiction goes and how quickly it gets there. Dragon Rider is nothing like Winx Club. The only match would be the school teaching magic. And progression through the teen years, although Natalie won’t be a teen until eighth grade.

I hope you’re looking forward to 7th Grade. I am aiming to publish it later this year.

dragon rider 6th grade promo
dragon rider 7







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