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There are many shorts (or open stories less than 15k words) within my collection of works. While organizing them, I realized the number was less than I thought. I have so many in my head wanting to get written down. First I’ll post the short story list from my WIP post.

Shorts: (less than 15k)

  1. Aquarium Visit (3rd)
  2. Bubbles (3rd)
  3. Cat Ears (2nd)
  4. Cat Ears 2 (NC)
  5. Trudy’s Big Day (1st)
  6. Dragon Fruit (2nd)
  7. Druid’s Daughter (NC)
  8. Father Knows Best (2nd)
  9. Early Visit (1st)
  10. Ella Hates Chris (NC)
  11. Fall (2nd)
  12. Fireworks (2nd)
  13. Fix the Computer (2nd)
  14. Fredrick and I (2nd)
  15. Goblin Car Bomber (1st)
  16. Grim and Catherine (1st)
  17. Hakkori (1st)
  18. Hurrican (NC)
  19. Innocent Friend (3rd)
  20. Jeremy’s Magic Fish (NC)
  21. Step Crunch (3rd)
  22. Joshua Befriends the Devil (NC)
  23. Vampiric Kevin (1st)
  24. The Hanlon Key (2nd)
  25. The Creature of Lake Pam (3rd)
  26. Look at Me (1st)
  27. Marriage First (1st)
  28. Metal Hand (NC)
  29. Microfiction (x?) (1st)
  30. Mrs. Namil (1st)
  31. Mute (NC)
  32. My Blueberry Wand (1st)
  33. Namkyu’s Lost Phoenix (1st)
  34. Angelic Outcasts (2nd)
  35. Princess Katherine and Lord Joseph (NC)
  36. Snow (1st)
  37. Rainbow Find (2nd)
  38. Rock Paper Scissors (2nd)
  39. RP (NC)
  40. Sally’s Holiday Celebration (1st)
  41. Sedreave Darkspear (NC)
  42. Lost in a Fire (2nd)
  43. Skill Less (2nd)
  44. Snow White Reworked (2nd)
  45. Blood Thirsty Dreams (2nd)
  46. Telsa and Boyan (1st)
  47. The Bet (2nd)
  48. The Brothers: Hero and Villain (1st)
  49. The Cubs Reunite (1st)
  50. The DM Killed Me (1st)
  51. The Drive (2nd)
  52. The Hair Returns (1st)
  53. The Little Merman (1st)
  54. Two Boots, One Date (1st)
  55. Vampire Killer (1st)
  56. Shifting Values (1st)
  57. Becoming Safe (1st)
  58. Newspaper (1st)
  59. Zoo Death (2nd)
  60. Wizard with Imps (NC)

Then I can add in the few published shorts:


  1. Annabella and Ji (TR)
  2. Crown Princess (TR)
  3. Beautiful
  4. Cursed Items (TR)
  5. Dark Silence
  6. Missing Royals (TR)
  7. First Meeting (25 shorts)
  8. Finding the Child (unpublished)
  9. Happy Puppy
  10. The Spoon

It’s important I don’t exclude them. The shorts not currently in a collection need to be in a collection. I like having my work in print. That means I need collections. And the collections need to have some semblance of sense. Like First Meeting!

My collections are Troubled Royals (done), First Meeting (done), First Meeting X2, NJWP, Fairy Tales Reworked, The Bet and Other Fiction Short Stories, and Skill Less and Other Fantasy Short Stories.

Troubled Royals include: Cursed Items, Missing Royals, Crown Princess, and Annabella and Ji.

First Meeting has 25 individual shorts where my friends meet up with fantasy creatures (or actually are them).

First Meeting X2 is similar to First Meeting. It will be a mix between friends meeting fantasy creatures for the second time or friends meeting up with fantasy creatures for the first time. I haven’t fully decided.

  1. Grim and Catherine (1st)
  2. Joshua Befriends the Devil (NC)
  3. Vampiric Kevin (1st)
  4. Namkyu’s Lost Phoenix (1st)

There are more already planned. Brownie Buy, Tom and Sprite Team Up, Shedu steals Dominik, Dalia saves a Unicorn, Josey Serves an Elf, Rhiannan’s Genie…
I think it’s coming along nicely. But I do need about 25 stories before I can format. Three completed. Seven plotted. I’m not even half way. I have a list of friends who would do well meeting up with a couple of fantasy creatures. And mind I need to make 25 stories people agree to let me use for the book. That might mean more than 25 stories written.  Ugh.

NJWP… The reason for the weird name it was supposed to be a group thing. I wrote a bunch of shorts for it and explained to make a paperback you’ll need a certain number of a certain length. It was really then I knew it wasn’t going to happen. Still the ideas swirled and I wrote. I had one friend write a few stories too. So really, this book needs more authors before it can be published. I won’t publish these guys until the book is ready. It won’t be ready until I get friends. The title is open still. (New Jersey Writing Posse is cool, but… the group fell apart.) The concept is to take random myth creatures or cryptids and turn them into stories. That was the only requirement. Suggestion was to make it happen in New Jersey (we were all from NJ). If you’re interested in getting this off the ground, let me know. As I said I have one person left with stories written already (she did two or three, I believe). Like with First Meeting 25 or so stories would be best unless the length gets longer for the added shorts. Mine are similar in length to First Meeting.

My shorts for NJWP:

  1. Father Knows Best (2nd)
  2. Goblin Car Bomber (1st)
  3. Innocent Friend (3rd)
  4. Step Crunch (3rd) (NJ)
  5. The Hanlon Key (2nd) (NJ)
  6. The Creature of Lake Pam (3rd) (NJ)
  7. My Blueberry Wand (1st) (NJ)
  8. Angelic Outcasts (2nd)
  9. Lost in a Fire (2nd)

Fairy Tales Reworked: So far I have Cinderella, Snow White, and the Little Merman currently for this collection. They aren’t ready for anything. But they’re complete first drafts. It’s like… I’ll get back to you later?

The Bet and Other Fiction Short Stories has been spoken about before. I want to publish this collection this year. Of all the stories, The Bet needs the most work. The rest are “good enough”. And really if The Bet keeps being difficult, I’ll keep publishing the other shorts in the collection. They really are individual. All are fiction. Fiction is can happen, but didn’t. Saying I climbed up a tree and saved your cat is fiction. Saying I climbed up a tree and saved my cat is non fiction. Saying I climbed up a tree and saved a saber toothed tiger is fantasy.

Currently this collection contains (and more shouldn’t be added… although I said that already and added things…)

  1. Beautiful (currently published)
  2. The Drive
  3. The Spoon (currently published)
  4. Two Boots, One Date (next poss publish)
  5. Aquarium Visit
  6. Bubbles
  7. Snow
  8. Newspaper
  9. Hakkori and His Reader
  10. David Plays Uncle
  11. Fix the Computer
  12. Trudy’s Tale
  13. Oxen Friend
  14. Fireworks (Next poss publish)
  15. Dark Silence (currently published)
  16. Sally’s Holiday
  17. Happy Puppy (currently published)
  18. Rainbow Find (next poss publish)
  19. Zoo Trip
  20. Mrs. Namil
  21. The DM Killed Me
  22. Fredrick and I
  23. Rock, Paper, Scissors
  24. The Bet

Skill Less and Other Fantasy Short Stories is in a weaker state than The Bet’s collection. It’s because the shorts are longer. Longer shorts mean more threads that have to be weaved properly throughout the story. Longer shorts mean less of them. I don’t know how I feel about the collection as a whole. If things come to it, it’ll happen as is. I find that doubtful honestly.

Current collection:

  1. Cat Ears
  2. Look at Me
  3. The Cubs Reunite
  4. Dragon Fruit
  5. Blue Leaves
  6. Original White Witch: Find the Child
  7. The Ranger’s Revenge
  8. Vampire Killer
  9. Shifting Values
  10. Boyan the Cruel
  11. The Brothers: Hero and Villain
  12. Skill Less
  13. Skill Less Bonus

Overall I am happy with my organization of my different collections and short stories. This post as well as WIPs Over 200! is just giving you an idea what my head looks like. There is a reason little else besides writing fits.

I’m always open to chat about writing. For now, I’m going to get ready, make sure child is getting his tasks done, and get a bunch of words written. (Or edit. I could edit instead. Lots to edit.)

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