WIP Prompts: Dragon Blooded Series

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American White and Brazilian Blue are part of a larger series that is only plotted out. I have several dragon worlds. This is taking our world and tagging a world run by dragons to it. So if you don’t have any connection to that other world, it doesn’t exist. That makes these stories urban fantasy. They may fall closer to epic fantasy though. Either way, take average every day humans and turn them into dragons because they carry the right blood.

Imagine if you were one of those who had the blood.

American White is about a young male: Carter. His father was a dragon but has nothing to do with his life. Carter is found like an elf in hiding. The minor help the elf gives gets Carter on the path to become a real dragon. Carter was an average high school student. He didn’t stay so average.

Brazilian Blue takes place shortly before Carter’s in timeline. I think I have it tagged about twenty years before. Carter is almost modern (90s or 00s). That puts Brazil at a very unstable time. And that corruption leaves Vidonia running from everything. What caused the fire? She did. How? She has no idea. Not until Lexus shows up and explains she’s a dragon. Lexus is one too and not much older than she is in dragon years. Since both are Babes, Lexus’s older brother Sunil shows up to increase the level of chaos. I have to study a little more about Brazil back in the 70s and 80s so I’m more confident with the story’s timeline. The drug war is definitely in the backdrop. But I’m not good with specifics beyond that.

None of the others have anything more than a plot and time.

German Green: Jewish 23ish year old male in Germany as the first wave of Jews are incarcerated. Check for death camp info and what was used. Any fires that happen at any of the camps. etc. WWII era.

Russian Silver: Time isn’t set for certain. Female whose love died from a drunken brawl. She’s in her 40s trying to make it in a world where females aren’t seen as anything besides mother and wife something she can’t be.

Nigerian Gold: This is more modern time. Caught between a rock and a hard place, Leena has little going for her. If she reaches civilian anywhere, she’ll be sent back to her captors who force sexual gratification out of her. They own her literally. She has to find a safe place to just be free. May not be Nigeria. Several places have unstable situations. But her captors are definitely white and I want to kill them.

Japanese Electrum: The Tokyo Tower has finally been completed. It’s 1958 and the trip into Tokyo was just to see the massive thing. Proud swells Yuji’s self. Then someone spots him. He did nothing wrong, so why is he being chased? By who or what? Or who does he look like that make these strange people seek him? Either way, his trip to see the tower has turned into running from the law… or running from the reverse of the law. Either the Americans or the Yakuza will take him in if he isn’t careful. Both sound terrifying.

Chilean Black: This one requires studying when Chile was colonized by whites. Could there be life beyond the mountain? [insert name here] questions that. When the white man comes though, it seems life won’t sit around and wait for [insert name here]to find it. They have no choice but to follow these men or die by them. Or maybe their deaths will stop the interest these strange humans have.

Hawaiian Bronze: This is the timeline for when Hawaii was being taken over by Americans. The princess needs my help? Someone is invading? No. That can’t be. We’re safe here. Why does the princess need me? I am not supposed to be called for service unless every other attempt has failed. You don’t ask the person who can breathe fire literally to join battle unless there literally is no other option. Has it really come down to that, Princess?

Missing Red and Copper as colors. I thought Filipino Red would suit. Australian Copper probably would work.

Dragon Blooded Series is about dragon bloods all over time as they figure out how to be a dragon and return home where they belong. I think part of my problem is… I’m not from those places. I can research a lot. I can study a lot. But there will be a level I can’t reach since they’re not my home. That’s why American White is basically done and none of the others are.

So if you are from another place and want to join this series, I’m open to it.

The dragon colors are white, black, red, green, blue, gold, silver, bronze, electrum, and copper. Each one has a special breathe weapon, possible magical powers, and the normal dragon stuff (fire breathe, high defense, high intellect, etc).

I am giving you the permission to use an overpowered character to boost your culture and presence. The series must include Nature’s First viewpoint. That’s pretty much it. If you need help coming up with ideas or staying to the series requirements, ask.

I hope to get American White published soon.

[About Cat Hartliebe] [Cat Hartliebe’s Books] [Dragon Myth]

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