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Mwhahahaha, I’m taking a short break from writing. I do that some times. It’s good for me.

Not that I’m really far from writing. I’m working on covers. I have to decide who gets the cover for each Dragon Rider Grade and how to set it up.

Natalie gets 6th Grade. Duh.

She’s the main character. The story is told from her point of view. Of course she gets the first cover. Recall, she’s a ten year old here, so she ages throughout the book, but I won’t have that option. I’m not that good at this.

dragon rider 7 front cover1

The covers are supposed to be specifically the female characters. Whatever secondary main character that would be deemed essential for the story should be the cover. That was my decision going in. I have attempts for all six books, but some really don’t work after the rewrite and when I review the story line. It’s a little annoying.

7th Grade’s cover is Jasmine Smith. She’s kinda important for the story. Like she’s the bulk of the story line. It’s not the only story weaved through, but Natalie gets involved in Jasmine’s life to the point of the bulk of it contains her. This is the one I was working on tonight. Pretty right?

8th is when Brooke comes out to the public as Crown Princess Cynthia Copper. She gets dibs on cover art then. The old cover is okay, but needs the revamp I gave the others.

9th Grade… The old cover won’t work. Xyaina is important to the story as a whole, but she’s not the main side character. Plus the cover is really lame. I was never happy with it. I’m thinking of using Dom for the 9th Grade cover. Just because she looks like a man doesn’t make her one. She qualifies. Finding a picture of someone who matches though… That’s gonna be annoying. I’ll probably be messing with eye color again. I had to fix Natalie’s, Brooke’s, Jasmine’s, and Rebecca’s eye color. I don’t know if Rebecca’s picture will reach a cover. Or if I’ll keep her picture as it stands.

10th Grade… Perhaps Daisy? The fairy would definitely be different and she’s really important. That’s probably a good idea.

11th Grade and 12th Grade aren’t rewritten yet. I have several usable characters that may end up center focused. Melinda is always a good back up. Amelia would be fun. Glinda is a fun useful character. Xyaina was mentioned before although she’d need a new picture. Jonah would probably be deemed impossible. I won’t find a quality realistic goblin picture for her. I can’t draw that level of art. Autumn exists, although I don’t know how she’ll manage best choice. Maybe Sari? It’s another one that will be a problem since she really doesn’t use common human looks.

dragon rider 10
dragon rider 11 melinda
dragon rider 12

There’s time left before I need to decide on high school grade covers. 7th and 8th should be out this year. They matter. 9th won’t be until next as far as I can tell. 10th isn’t even finished being rewritten. I have time. I can figure out the rest later.

Edit: I’ve revamped Brooke’s cover and got full covers for 9th. I’m happier with them than first draft’s options.

[Dragon Rider Series] [About Cat Hartliebe]

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