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The government is giving me a check!
Of course debt comes first and then basics. I got that.

But I can totally spurge on a giveaway to my readers, right?

Anyone looking for a signed copy?

What should people have to do to get a chance for the giveaway?

I know! Give me a character name to use in one of my stories. Any name. Chaotic or normal or strange or anything.
Plus I need to know which book you desire.

(And! I have put into the back of Year of Poems 2019 a letter that’s signed as part of the book. Get a print copy and you’ll have my signature.
And! I’m always willing to sign. Sending it places is the hard part. I don’t normally have two pennies to rub together let alone a couple dollars to mail books.)

US Amazon paperback book collection:
$10 (novellas and poem books)
Leagende Bonus
Troubled Royals
Poem a Day May 2015
Poem a Day May 2018
Year of Poems 2019
First Meeting
Tsuba Ren

$15 (novels)
The Secret of Pack 413
The Secret of Preshift
Dragon Rider 6th Grade

FB post talking about giveaway  You can comment here or there. Or both. If I get enough comments I can do multiple giveaways.

[About Cat Hartliebe] [Cat Hartliebe’s Books]

If you are interested in a signed copy or giveaway please reach out to Cat Hartliebe at their gmail:
This giveaway is no longer valid.

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