Low Level Demons

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I have a long short story series. It’s already over 100k words. It’s basically first draft status and as much as I love the story, nothing will reach final until A it’s complete and B I have the more important stories completed.

Basically, I don’t think I’ll ever get this into ship shape.

Still, I love the story. I know others will love it too. It takes place in Tsuba Ren’s world, although as far as this story is concerned she doesn’t exist. (She does, but they don’t clash at all). If you were around when I wrote Love or Die, that’s also part of this world. And that story greatly intertwines with this one.

So I got to thinking (actually I’ve been thinking this for a while). Why don’t I put the story up on Fridays over the course of the year? I’m not finished. (Currently what I jumped to since I jumped ship on Dragon Rider again. Sorry.)

It won’t even been the length I have the missions marked as. I think I’ll aim for thousand word installments. That would put this going on for about two years. And that’s its current length. It should more than double its length before being over. (Yes, I do know the ending.)

Perhaps if I get more written faster, I’ll increase the amount that drops weekly. Especially since that’s going to lead to middle of scene breaks.

Hell, I’d be surprised someone starts reading it. As much as I love the story, I’m shocked other people get interested in my work. I know I’m good. It’s not a boast. I don’t need to boast. My work just hasn’t seen enough people. That’s the problem.

Anyway. Low Level Demons is a series within a series world.

The Books as expected:
Low Level Demons :: Mission 1-10 + 1/2s within group for book one.
Love or Die (Jack’s the chosen one)
Low Level Demons: Feeling Superior  :: Mission 11-20 + 1/2s within group
Low Level Demons: High and Mighty  :: Mission 21-30 + 1/2s in group
Low Level Demons: Reaching Queen’s Court :: Mission 31-40 + 1/2s in group
Not Really Low Level Demons ::  Mission 41-50 + 1/2s in group FINAL

Generally speaking, it should be level per mission/chapter, although not exactly.

I do have random extra information. This may be one of few stories I could do a short blurb about the characters.

My favorite character? Abel. You’ll meet them quite a ways in.

If I seriously start this, I basically copy this post as a page and keep the TOC here. If I don’t do the proper links for these stories people will get lost.

This may fall into horror as a genre, but its my light hearted series to work on. There’s no heavy themes or situations. It’s more they’re going to kill me or how can I survive this. It’s direct. Cat’s quick witted and capable of lot. And people still expect more from her. It’s the type of series where only the evil ones die. Or the unnamed.

I’m giving horror a bad name by writing this. Because although there is blood and guts and gore, this is really good wins and happily ever after type feeling.

I’m giving my warnings. Consider all triggers on the table with this one. I won’t post beforehand if one shows. Tsuba Ren’s world isn’t butterflies and roses. This series suits it.

But that’s if I post it. No guarantee. I think I want to gauge interest. So if you’re interested make it known.

Or maybe I’ll post it anyway. Make your statement now if you want to. This is my blog to do with as I wish.

low level demons full cover

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