Pandemic Sale

The Pandemic Sale is over!
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Pandemic Sale is still going on.

For a few more days.

I figured I’ll reset my stories to their normal amounts June 1st. Unless someone asks me not to.

I price my stories based on length. Super shorts are free. I can’t ask you to pay for super shorts. That sounds silly. Even if I did end up putting time and effort into them. They’re short ebooks and only ebooks. Consider yourself lucky.

Short stories are set to 99 cents. They are long enough where you have turn some pages, but not so long I can publish them on their own.

Stories that are long enough to hold their own as a book, but don’t qualify for novel come in at $2.99. It depends on number of pages or word count when it switches to the next level.

The longer stories are priced at $4.99. Five dollars can get you an ebook of mine. My novels deserve the higher price because of the work that had to go into them.

The collection of novellas that is Leagende Series is the one that costs the most. I can’t drop the price insanely. It didn’t even manage to reach 99cents for this sale. It will go back up to $9.99. I think.

Those are the ebook prices. This was a sale on ebooks. My paperbacks are split into two price groups as well: $10 or $15 based on cost and length. I can drop prices on them a little, but it’s barely anything. Cost to print and transport isn’t low. I make more money generally on ebooks. I just prefer the print copies.

If you desire any of my ebooks but cannot manage the price, talk to me.

I still have quite a few paperback copies as well. All signed. If you are in desire of one, talk to me.

If anyone thinks a giveaway is in order, say something.

Come June 1st, unless otherwise noted, my sale will be ending. It may end slightly early or late depending on when I manage to go into Smashwords and KDP to fix the prices.

With this sale ending, I’ll probably be starting a new one. Dragon Rider probably. Dragon Rider 7th Grade will be published soon. It’s basically ready. Setting the price of both ebooks at 99cents will hopefully get me some sales.

Then again this pandemic sale net me nothing. No one bought anything. Sucks to be me. I can’t even give away my books.

Pandemic Sale is over! [Contact Cat or Cyro Hartliebe] if you would like a reduced price.

[About Cat Hartliebe] [Cat Hartliebe’s Books]

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