Pricing Decisions

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Looking over my stories have me second guessing my previous prices. I thought lengths were different.

And I really should get everything up on Amazon. Amazon KDP doesn’t like free books. So my lowest price there is 99 cents unless I get a group of people will to complain to Amazon for me. Amazon listens to the customers. It doesn’t listen to the authors. That’s how corporations go.

If you want me to set up an account somewhere so I can upload books for sales, say so. I’m at Amazon and Smashwords because they pretty much cover everywhere. It wouldn’t take much for me to upload content somewhere else, though. I have my print, ebook, and cover files saved. This is part of the benefit of being self published.

My up front pricing is done in US dollars. Because I am from the US. I let KDP translate the comparison cost of my US prices to other countries. I have gone in before and changed things. That’s possible. Talk to me if you’re interested in that.

I’m thinking
0-5,000 words: .99
5,000-25,000 words: 2.99
25,000-100,000 words: 4.99
100,000+ words: 9.99

US Amazon ebook links with word counts: The ones missing links are currently free on Smashwords. I’m going to bring everything up to the 99 cents so it reaches more people.

The Spoon   210 short story
Happy Puppy    391 short story
Dark Silence   457 short story
Crown Princess    1,891 short story
Beautiful   2,195 short story
Poem a Day May 2018 3,592 poem book
Poem a Day May 2015    3,014 poem book
Random Poems of Cat Hartliebe   3,412 poem book

Year of Poems 2019  9,598 poem book
Cursed Items  16,379 short story
Annabella and Ji  12,851 short story
Missing Royals 15,388 short story
First Meeting  16,753 collection

Unwanted 37,667 novella
Unexpected 32,388 novella
Undeniable 31,769 novella
Unbreakable 38,511 novella
Unbelievable 38,212 novella
Unavoidable 41,518 novella
Tsuba Ren 43,751 novella
The Secret of Pack 413 89,805 novel
The Secret of Preshift 86,712 novel
Dragon Rider 6th Grade    76,833 novel

Leagende Series 234,430 collection

I still don’t know. Currently my ebooks are still set to 99 cents for the pandemic sale. I can’t leave them at low. My sales fail anyway. I’ve never sold anything on sale before.

Whatever. Attempting to be an author means the book must be priced properly. That means these questions. I’ll think it over and decide later. cropped-all-the-published-books-may-2020-1.jpg

Poem A Day May 2020 is sitting at 6,703 words. It may be a 99cents or a 2.99 ebook. Can’t say for sure right now. Suggestions?
The Bet and Other Fiction Short Stories is at 34,968 words.
Dragon Rider 7th Grade is 75,414 words.
The Secret of Luna is at 54,603 words currently, but needs to be expanded and rewritten (Again!).

What other book was I planning to complete this year? I can’t even recall… I’m tired. I’m not feeling well. I have covers to make, formatting to do, and edits to get through. I think I’ll chose sleep instead.

[About Cat Hartliebe] [Cat Hartliebe’s Books]

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