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I finally have a kinda sorta decent tweet post for each published book/ebook.

What’s your favorite?

Tweet posts:

dragon rider 6th grade promo

Dragon Rider 6th Grade: Family-less Natalie is being kicked out of school.
Alex puts his job on the line to stop it. “Anyone stated Dragon Rider by me will receive a second chance.”
I’m a Dragon Rider?
#Fantasy #ya #selfpublish #indieauthor
Dragon Rider 6th Grade

unwanted promo

Unwanted: Can Bludi Illiene find his place in the world? He knows society will never truly accept him. But can he at least be useful to his mother and his country?
#fantasy #novella

promo year of poems 2019

Year of poems 2019: #poet #poetry #randompoems #poembook Year of Poems 2019 by Cat Hartliebe
It’s more random than you realize.

modern werewolves promo

The Secret of Pack 413: Monique fears the strange neighborhood where even the kids are called pack. Are they truly dangerous? Should she accept the offered friendship from the people she always feared?
#novel #selfpublished #fantasy #werewolves

The Secret of Preshift: Kitty wants the title of Luna. Not possible in Kostet Pack. Green Ridge Pack has an available alpha successor. Should she just agree? She hasn’t even shifted yet.
#novel #selfpublished #fantasy #werewolves

Annabella and Ji: Princess Annabella and the dragon Ji. What will happen to the country if they deny the dragon his thoughts?
#fantasy #princess #shortstory

trouble Royals promo

Crown Princess: Antimony is the crown princess in a country where her father forsaked his country. Who is the strange man who comes to annoy her?

Cursed Items: The necklace was my family’s, but I wasn’t supposed to wear it. Returning to my female body is only step one.
#fantasy #shortstory

Missing Royals: “Mama” protects us. From who? From what? And who is she? Autumn will do everything to protect her family.
#fantasy #princess #shortstory

first meeting promo

First Meeting: Friends plus fantasy create many individual short stories. How would you react to seeing a fantasy creature in real life?
#shortstory #collection #fantasy

tsuba ren promo

Tsuba Ren: Laurel Ren needs to escape. Being captured shortly after her mother’s death leads her with little direction to aim for. Perhaps to the father who left more than a decade ago.
#fantasy #novella

Beautiful: Imagine you are an artist. Imagine the most beautiful person asks for a painting.
#selfpublished #shortstory

cheap ebook shorts promo

Dark Silence: Even when the world is nothing besides dark silence there is a reason to keep going.

The Spoon: Silverware nonsense. #supershortstory

happy puppy cover

Happy Puppy: Happiness is in the eye of the beholder.

Unavoidable: King Zeus and Queen Madeline will bring the country together, one way or another.
#fantasy #novella

Unbelievable: King Zeus has big plans. Madeline has improved his chances. Now to see how he can bring this country’s division back together.
#fantasy #novella

Leagende promo

Unbreakable: Adain always thought he would make a great king. Now to prove it. First things first…
#fantasy #novella

Undeniable: Castella looks up to the Grandmother, Queen Alaenia. She has everything… Right? Does she really have to chose love or title?
#fantasy #novella

Unexpected: Prince Bludi never really asked to be titled. He loves helping his country. But they can only ask for so much. He doesn’t want to be king.
#fantasy #novella

leagende bonus cover2

Leagende Bonus: Random bonus stories for Leagende series.

Random Poems of Cat Hartliebe#poet #poetry #randompoems #poembook
A collection from 2013 and earlier. Cat Hartliebe has been making poems a long time.

Poem a Day May 2015: #poet #poetry #randompoems #poembook
An entire month’s worth of poetry.

poetry promo

Poem a Day May 2018: #poet #poetry #randompoems #poembook
Cyro and Cat (as well as a few allies) managed to write poems over a month. Cyro really proved himself.

Poem a Day May 2020: #poet #poetry #randompoems #poembook
Cat wrote poems based on songs over the course of a month.

dragon rider 7 front cover1

Dragon Rider 7th Grade: Natalie finally found her father and a home. Now to prove it was worthwhile.
#Fantasy #ya #selfpublish #indieauthor

I think I got them all. I’ll tweet them randomly over the next few weeks.

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