Dragon Rider’s Sexualities

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(Reading and editing to make sure Natalie is an aroace. What’s the difference between platonic crushes and romantic ones? Not a whole lot. Except there is no desire for romantic actions.)

Dragon Rider Sexualities

I write LBGT+ far more than you realize. I fall under pansexual and asexual umbrellas. I’m more open to those terms and positions. Dragon Rider ends up showing off more than you realize. I wonder if you notice.

Natalie is asexual.

She has zero sexual attraction. That’s the goal. She has zero romantic attraction.

That is why the lust and love spells do not work on her. It has nothing to do with her being a dragon. She has no attraction for the spell to hook to.

She has an attraction to Alex. It does not cross over into sexual and romantic. That’s why she gets confused in so many ways by Brooke/Cynthia’s words. She has no interest in kissing Alex. She likes kissing. She likes Alex. Kissing Alex isn’t a bad thing. She finds it fun and useful.

Natalie likes cuddling. She cuddles with Brooke from the beginning. You think nothing of it. Mostly because their relationship is clearly friendship with no chance of changing.

When Natalie cuddles with Alex, it’s different. There’s a different relationship between Nat and Alex. She sees him as her partner. They’re forming a loving relationship. She still won’t look at him with sexual or romantic attraction. He looks at her that way. Since Natalie does not respond with the same, it makes it easier for Alex to hold back.

When reading through the series watch the differences. Natalie builds a strong relationship with Brooke. She builds a strong one with Alex. She builds a strong one with several. When she starts treating Xyaina with the same consideration she gives Brooke and Alex, Alex gets worried. Brooke has never been a threat for him. Dragons need other dragons. Xyaina would be considered a threat.

Xyaina is attracted to females, not males. Alex second guesses his position in Natalie’s life because there is a chance he is going to be passed on.

Natalie sees Alex as her partner. No one else can take his place. But because she doesn’t have the sexual and romantic responses common among books and media portrayals, it leaves Alex worried.

Asexual isn’t a word in their world.

Just because Natalie is asexual does not mean she isn’t loyal. She’s loyal willingly. Her actions toward Alex is a decision and choice she made. They’re a couple, plain and simple.

But read over it again.

Does Natalie ever show signs of romantic or sexual interest in Alex? Hopefully not. That’s my goal anyway. There is attraction. She thinks he’s beautiful. She wants to have conversations together. She seeks him for a close friendship. She feels at ease with him. She trusts him in a way she trusts no other. But she is not sexually attracted to Alex. She’s open to it as the series progresses, but she won’t ever look at Alex and think sex. She isn’t exactly sex repulsed, although for a while she is afraid of the idea.

Alex is clearly sexually and romantically interested in Natalie. He fears it because of various circumstances. There is a five year age gap between them. The connection though is special. He isn’t completely straight. But it’s close enough he’ll never say he isn’t.

Brooke and Ceres both fall on the bisexual spectrum somewhere. I would say Brooke is closer to hetero than Ceres. And I do want to include some level of notice to that. Small little details showing interest. They can’t have a relationship beyond each other. And they are their first loves. So even if they wouldn’t qualify as straight, they’re going to look it unless you pay close attention.

Verde is open. Just open. I’d call him pansexual. It was a shock to Alex the first time that came forward. Mostly because he saw it in action instead of someone just telling him. Alex is a little bit scarred from the event.

Melinda doesn’t come out with her sexuality. Mostly because she doesn’t talk to her kids about who she wants in bed. I haven’t fully decided on whether Glinda and Melinda have a sexual relationship. They are together in a relationship that is very tight. It’s something that I wouldn’t call best friends, yet that’s the term they’d use. Even if they are sexually involved, they will never get married or come out as a couple. Glinda hides her interest as well.

Jasmine is bisexual closer to homo. She is interested in more than just Xyaina, but is completely committed.

Some of the information doesn’t show up as well as I would like. Mostly because Natalie has no interest, so she doesn’t think about other people’s interest. She doesn’t understand Brooke’s interest in sex or romance, because she doesn’t feel that way.

These are part of the problems with first person point of views.

Like the fact Alex has to point out Xyaina and Jasmine are a couple. Or he has to mention Verde takes anyone to bed.

As I edit through the series as a whole, I will be putting in little details and notes to say all of this. But through Natalie’s lens of the world, it won’t get the same level of treatment as Natalie’s interest.

Brooke is her best friend.

Alex is her partner.

Watch the differences. Natalie isn’t sexually attracted to him. She isn’t romantically attracted to him. But there is something special. Asexuals aren’t plants or fools or blocks of ice. They’re people. They feel. Just because they don’t have that attraction doesn’t mean they can’t feel love. Love is far more complex than that.

Let me know if you think I’m succeeding with this.

Or ask me about a character I missed. I love talking about my characters and stories. Some I don’t know yet. They haven’t answered that question yet. Hell, I didn’t realize Natalie was asexual when I first created her. She just ended up being. And it works. There is nothing wrong with her. She’s happy. Accept her. That’s all you need to do.

[Dragon Rider Series] [About Cat Hartliebe]

Update: [Dragon Rider LGBT+] gives quotes for the various points above.

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