Dragon Rider 7th Grade Quotes

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Dragon Rider 7th Grade Quotes

  1. “You think you’re something special. Adopted by a lord. Go back to the hole you crawled out of. You don’t belong here.” The harshness is probably what I should expect. Just last year, I lived in the cheapest room of the school. I was almost kicked out.
    But she’s wrong. Lord Verde is my real father. I was an unknown child, but I am his real child. I finally found my father. I never thought I would. That seemed more like a pipe dream, but it really happened.
  1. How could anyone not want to read? It’s an adventure you don’t need to leave your bed for.
  1. I never thought I’d have a best friend who hated reading considering how much I love it.
  1. “I am engaged to a stranger. I do not know if we have any similar interests. With Ceres…,” Brooke says.
    “You are finding equal ground.”
    Brooke nods. “He likes koi ponds. Seeing the big orange fish being trapped in the small pond as a comparison to his own life. I get that feeling. And I know many would not.”
  1. Alex shakes his head spinning my calculus book to face him. He begins reading the chapter we have begun. “I get this point.” He flips through a couple of chapters and starts frowning. “This is so easy to get lost in.”
    “I know.” I grin excited for the class.
    He frowns at me closing my book. “Not in that way.”
  1. “You don’t have such a history with Verde.” Alex tugs the blanket further off me. “This is only the first episode of parent fail. He’s had some practice on me, sure, but he could throw me to Mom and up until a few years ago, my dad. I’m not truly his child. He’s just training me. You are his child.”
  1. “Turning you into a male, too?” Alex chuckles.
    “No.” I look at myself. “Do I need to go that far?”
    “No, no.” Alex reaches out to hug me. “Please don’t go that far. You may like being male too much and refrain from returning.”
    Why would I do that? “Just because I like pants doesn’t mean I want to be male.”
  1. I struggle to move but still get my arms around Brooke. She needs comfort more than I do. “The first time I saw you, I knew you were a princess. And every moment I see you, I see this strong and powerful leader. Magenta eyes or not, you are meant to be queen.”
  1. “The first step to succeeding is…” I tug her head up so I can see her blue eyes. I kill the spell letting the magenta be noticeable. This is correct. “Trying. Don’t give up. Keep practicing. Keep trying. You will be a great queen. You’ll be remembered for years to come.” I exhale feeling sleep coming. “I will stand beside you as a lady. Even if I am your only support, realize what I bring.”
  1. “How is Alex?” Brooke asks ignoring the books now open before her.
    “Alex is not a class and does not need to be studied.” I blush thinking of our recent interaction.
    Brooke eyes me. “What did I miss?”
    “Five years of schooling. That’s why you’re behind.” I poke at the book.
    She touches my broiling cheek. “No. That part I know.”
    “You don’t know enough, or we wouldn’t need to study,” I comment trying desperately to ignore the flaring embarrassment I feel over being kissed.
  1. Brooke bugging me about it isn’t helping me get an answer. It’s more stating I don’t understand the question.
  1. I smile at him. “I’m doing this for Brooke. She has been…” The only thing she has to look forward to right now are these moments. Ceres calms her. “It’s been hard. Her life is hard. School is hard. She never received training with magic or studies in general. She doesn’t want to read or gain knowledge in the normal sense. I’m worried about her. Because she’s more the type to plan her death than progress and fight for her future. I really don’t want Glinda to tell me about her future.”
  1. “How can I help?”
    “By being you. Continue being you. Don’t hide who you are from her. She may not be allowed to know your real name and who you will take the place of, but for now, be her friend. Give her hope there is a brighter future if you just look for it. You have to try to reach that brightness.”
  1. “Life is a game. Some people are dealt shitty cards with no chance of winning. Congrats on your set of aces.”
  1. “Alex, can you help me?”
    “Odd question.” He sits up straight looking at me. “Either I will help you or I won’t. Asking me to help you makes me think it’s a latter option you wish was a former.”
  1. “Trying to help someone who doesn’t want help is hindering not helping.”
  1. “I would trade my freedom for yours,” I say.
    Alex coughs half choking on his pizza. “You’ll what?”
    I put my slice down looking at his shocked expression. “I would trade my freedom for yours, Alex. Just as Xyaina plans to do for Jasmine. Don’t act so shocked. You gave me my freedom. I would have nothing if it weren’t for you.”
    Alex dusts his hands off and leaves the table. “I need a drink.”
    “Don’t become Father.” I sigh.
    “Not that type of drink. Water. From the Artic.” He disappears with a cup in hand.
  1. “You seem to be fighting with yourself.” Verde tugs my head up. “Are you winning?”
  1. He wants me to speak. I can tell him anything, right? “You are green. It’s not just a favorite color. It’s who you are.”
    Verde grins looking me straight on. It’s not fear or surprise. It’s more hope and expectation in his eyes. And love. And acceptance. Wow. Just from those simple words. Words most people who hate to hear. Verde is so different. “I am. As are you. Congrats, Natalie. Most struggle to realize even when it’s staring them down.
  1. The grandmother lifts the small child into her arms. “Teach this one. Train her. Give her everything she needs to one day restart this pride. It is my time to end this. Thank you, Alex. You have done your part. Now let me do mine.”
  1. Rebecca nods. “I’m going to be called Alpha by my pride. The title is something to be prideful of. So I wouldn’t mind calling you by title either. It says you’re important to us.”
  1. “Alex and I match in a way. I always felt at ease. From the beginning, it would be an easy sale to get me to agree to marriage. Perhaps I don’t love him as the romance books seem to think is the ultimate goal in life, but we’re friends. And I see no reason to lose that friendship.” ~ Natalie Verde

[Dragon Rider Series] [About Cat Hartliebe]

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