Just Over Here Organizing

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I wrote just shy of a hundred poems this year. So far. I organized my poems. I have about 500 poems. In my collection. If I included lost poems, it would be far over 500.

When I reviewed my new poem book Poem a Day May 2020, “I Regret”- one of the poems- takes five pages… I need to figure that out. I don’t wanna go smaller, but…  

It’s not just stories I have a ton of. And I do know basically all of them. I look at the title of the poem (the document is named after the title) and the poem pops up in my head like I wrote it yesterday. Most of the time anyway.  

The title of a poem or story has me recalling the entire thing. This is why I published. This is why I made poem books. My millionth word was a loooong time ago.  

That doesn’t make me a good marketer. I can just create stories like crazy and make it good enough for someone to like it.  

My readers haven’t found me yet.

Creating new words is one of those expectations as a writer. How can you reach a million words without creating new ones every once in a while?

Also, props to Cyro for creating a new word for his poem Cyro’s Poem: The Mocking Dragon. Distracter is not a real word according to the dictionary, but it makes sense and works.

[Cat Hartliebe’s Poem Books] [Poetry Archive] [About Cat Hartliebe]

One thought on “Just Over Here Organizing”

  1. Publishment is still one of my favorite words I created. You can guess what it means and why I like it. English is one of the easiest languages to create new words in. There are a lot of rules to follow though.


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