Attempt to Create Payment

Buy the Author a Cup of Coffee

5.00 $


I’ll need to figure this out further, but I like it. Who wants to try it out for me?

Buy Cat Hartliebe coffees every month

Support the author every month.

Special subscription options. Hm…

Group list options.

I need to work through it a bit more before fully grasping everything. For now, if you are looking for something leave a comment.

Once I figure it out, I’ll be setting up payments for PDFs of my paperbacks. I need to weigh a few things before I do so.
(FYI, if you buy through one of the online book sellers, the PDF is of the ebook copy. I will be selling something you cannot get elsewhere.)

Perhaps I should worry about piracy…

If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions, leave a comment below.

Thanks to anyone who offers to support me. I may set up special blog posts based on subscription level. Probably not. Not unless people are actually interested in that.

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