Upgrade… hmm…

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Update: I went for it. Things will change a little.

WordPress has told me I can use Paypal to sell items inside my website.

If I pay WordPress. There are laws in place for this. There has to be a monetary transaction for a company to service you. It’s complicated, but makes sense that I have to pay WordPress for this service.

So if I pay a hundred dollars for the year, I can set up CatHartliebe.com as my website and sell my ebooks through the site.

You would just need to use paypal to buy them. It would open the option up to more readers around the world.

But would I sell enough to make it worthwhile?

Unlike with the Smashwords and KDP ebook uploads, I would be selling PDFs of the paperback. That is my preference. Not that I wouldn’t be willing to send any typical type of file.

A hundred dollars… That would be between twenty and a hundred ebooks sold.

Can I do that? Does that sound plausible?

Even before I realized this was an option, I was weighing the choices. Since this is a free website, I do not make money off of ads. I wouldn’t be making much money off of them if I was paying, so that didn’t cost compare. I’m pretty sure I’d make more money from my bank account than from ads.

The real reason I weighed the option is because I do want my own domain. You have to pay for domains, though. It’s not like I want to change my website. I just want it to be cathartliebe.com not cathartliebe.wordpress.com

That’s a good reason, right? For a hundred dollars, I can have my own domain. And get a little money from ads. (Seriously, not much. I don’t have a thousand people visiting daily.)

This additional option has me leaning toward paying.

But I don’t know.

I’m looking at it as “It’s only a hundred dollars.”

Only… As if that couldn’t get me a bunch of other stuff. I’m already denying myself frivolous things. I haven’t brought new clothes in forever. I never eat out. Shopping has me weighing costs. I’ve told myself no to books.

This hundred would have gone to tea at Barnes and Noble over the last few months. They’ve been closed. I couldn’t buy tea. This was money that would have been used for something, but wasn’t. Can I look at that way?

Can I splurge? Is this a splurge? Why does it feel like one when it should be named business expense?

Because I’m not making enough profit for anything to count as an expense. Everything is out of my pocket.

And I’m worried spending this type of money won’t be worth it.

But to have my website for a year… To claim the domain… I… I want it.

Would it be the right decision to just do it?

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2 thoughts on “Upgrade… hmm…”

  1. I offered PDFs for a long time (via my store at Lulu) but they simply never sold. Everyone wanted either print or epub/kindle, though I like reading PDF myself.

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    1. Few people buy anywhere besides Amazon. That’s the consensus.
      I have the paperbacks and ebooks available on Amazon. I also put the ebooks up on Smashwords. So the stories are available places in the forms most desired.
      But my preference for ebook would be a PDF of the paperback. So I figured if others are like me, I would offer a chance. Or I could create any document type.
      I’d even say signed copy, but then there’s transport issues.


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