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I have been editing through the grades. Seventh has been published. Yay!

Eighth isn’t looking too shabby. I’ll have at least one more round of editing on it. Probably two.

Ninth looks… questionable. I’ll say I’ll need four more edits before it’s reasonably done. Good thing I’m not planning to publish either any time soon.

Tenth has been rewritten. I’ll be going through it’s first real edit shortly. That will bring it to draft three. It’s gonna need a lot more work.

But while you’re waiting for that, I can offer the quotes I’ve found during edits. Quotes can mean a lot for marketing. My Dragon Rider page has pretty much everything about the series.

Dragon Rider 8th Grade Quotes

  1. I cannot exactly trust Rebecca’s knowledge. She cannot even add one and one. She thought the questions in math were jokes she didn’t yet understand.
  1. “How was home?”
    “Gley is fabulous,” Melinda answers. “And where he went isn’t his real home. Gley is his home.” She eyes Verde. Verde just rubs Rebecca behind the ears. “So how was the squalor your family seems to think is nice?”
  1. Alex comes over and hugs me. I look to the food. “It’s fine. You need a hug.”
    “I don’t need your hug though.” I look at him.
  1. I sniffle. Her ease with friends here was because of me? I rub my eyes. “I miss Brooke.”
    “I’ll let her know.” Alex leans over me offering another hug. “I’m your friend, too. You can lean on me for all sorts of things.”
    “It’s not that I don’t.” I lean into his warmth. “You are my friend. If someone called you my boyfriend, fiance, or husband, I’d just agree and move on as if it’s a non topic. But Brooke is my best friend. She offers something completely different than you. And hurting her as I did even if it saved them in the long run is… I didn’t mean to. I love Brooke. I don’t want to see her like this. She seems so lonely.”
  1. “A birthday is there to celebrate you being born. It doesn’t have to be on the day you were actually born. It’s just a day to celebrate you.”
  1. I lick my lips and slowly open my eyes. Books. So many books. In every direction. On every wall. Bookcases dance about the room. Not literally, but they seem to be in a stationary dance. Tables with chairs are ready for me just spend time here.
  1. “Keep my cousin on his toes.” Brooke grins at me. Then she pushes to me to Alex. “Like step on a few of them.”
  1. I tap her test. She passed. My help only made her C turn into a B. She has come a long way. “If you can pass your math class without help from me, I have complete faith you will manage as queen.”
    “Perhaps after a few years.” Brooke sighs looking to me. “Just like with math. I sucked at it right away. Now… I would not say it comes easily, but it does not take more than a few tries before I understand the concept.”
  1. I wrap my arms around my father feeling free at his words. He rubs my back while watching the royals still. “You would be the best father in the history of fathers.”
    “I would struggle to believe that. My father did a rather good job and there was sixteen of us.” Verde pats my head letting me watch my friend again.
  1. Sometimes I regret asking Verde questions. He ends up making zero sense and I cannot even come up with a question to have it actually make sense.
  1. Ceres hides. “Does anyone think I will do well?”
    “I refrain from answering such a question,” Susan says looking away.
  1. Alex pulls a notepad from his pocket. “I like that. Idiotism. I need to write up an entire case file for the new disease. I bet it would go over well in my circles.”
  1. “Company does matter.” Verde pulls me in to a hug. “I have you. Rachel may be under ground. I may never see her again. But I have you. That should be reason enough to try. I will learn human food is not all ash and soot. Just… Don’t push it too much on me. I… Eating will always remind me of her.”
  1. “Glinda will have to help. She knows our children more than we do.”
    “That’s because they only exist in the future.” Alex pauses scanning me. “We are not ready for that experience. And I am getting used to hearing about my children. Our children. But the idea of causing that is… It’s unsettling. When you are ready to seriously have a conversation about children, Nat, we will. The names is just for fun. Glinda would have names to reach for giving her an idea. Because we will stay together. Even if the hundred year clause didn’t exist. I want to be with you. I like hanging out with you. Hearing about our children unsettles me because that sounds terrifying, but it reminds me, our relationship continues. That calms me.” Alex kisses my hand lightly again. “I want to have the hundred years with you Nat. A thousand. If I was told I would be at your side as your husband in fifty thousand years, it would calm me. You calm me.”
    “It would have been a much shorter confession if you just said I love you,” I state nuzzling into his chest.
    “That just doesn’t have the same impact. But when I say it, I mean so much more.” He relaxes resting his head on mine.
  1. I scan the party and spot Brooke on her own. Ceres is no longer by her side protecting her. And the ladies chatting with her look to be winning. I really dislike it. “Save Brooke.”
    “She does look to need a saving.” Alex helps me stand and walk over. “You pull Cyn away. I’ll deal with the hens.”
  1. Alex smirks looking at me. “Cyn is lucky to have you. Unlike others, you saw the princess title before her and just treated her as if she’s a human first. As if that’s the more important part of her. Did you just not learn how to treat royalty?”
  1. Alex gets up patting my head. “This is all part of growing up.”
    “Then you deal with monthly bleeding,” I grumble thinking of the loss I already acquired because of the weird event this morning.
    “I will be extra careful or you’ll make sure I have monthly bleeding as well.”
  1. “Some disabilities can otherwise been seen as gifts and blessings in the right hands.” She grins.

Dragon Rider 9th Grade Quotes

  1. Brooke traps me in her arms. Her hug is tight. As if her life has been ruined. “You do not understand.”
    “No, I don’t.” I pet her back. “I don’t feel like you do. I feel as if I’m more a rock than a human when I compare my emotions to yours. But you are going too far too fast. It’s dangerous. I’m serious about the possible complications you can face. Hold back. Say no.”
  1. “I want to support you in this relationship, but you tempt fate.”
  1. Brooke taps her head. “I get it here.” Then she presses her hand against her chest. “But here does not want to…”
  1. “I’m a threat.”
    “As a dragon should be.” Alex nods cooking. I am here for dinner. “Go ahead and ask around. Will anyone say a dragon shouldn’t be a threat?”
  1. “Some humans truly are bad. The one I worry over have a strong hatred for the king. But he’s not capable on his own to kill the king. He’s just another threat in the sea of threats. I doubt anything we do will make him see the light. He’s going to be chaotic until he dies. Not that chaos is always bad. But I feel as if his chaos will end up being bad.”
  1. “Chocolate makes everything better.”
  1. “Father why is it you shove me about like I’m more a bag of potatoes than a person?”
    Verde jumps back shocked by my words. “I consider you far more than a bag of potatoes.”
  1. “Yeah. It was easy to see how we fit. Just as it’s easy to see those two fit. I believe in them as the future king and queen. I believe in their relationship together. I believe in them as friends and family.” Alex looks to the stars again. “But I also don’t like how they’re rushing forward without gaining proper footing. They’ll just sink into the bog that way.”
    “Such a black dragon thing to say.” I grin at the stars.
  1. Maybe I should go back to working on my paper. The party should have started already. Time is too tight to pull it back out. But I can think about it. I drop into the chair thinking about what to write next. It’s not helpful to think about it, though. Writing is best done with pen in hand.
  1. Melinda turns to me holding me while asking, “Do you wish to become a dragon, Sweetheart?”
    I nod into her chest. “I do. I am green. I have heard so many people say that. And I know Father is. And Alex is black. I want to truly reach my potential. It’s not that I’m disregarding humans or even my planar blood, but there is something more I can reach, and I wish to reach it. So I can protect those I care about.”
  1. “My decision to turn has been a long time coming. If asked as a child after being told it’s an option, I would have said yes. Why limit myself when more is possible? It doesn’t matter if someone would disregard me for being born as I am. I have the ability, and I have support. Everyone doesn’t matter as much as those I have near me.”
  1. Trouble brews. Sometimes I think trouble always brews.
  1. “Arthur is probably happy to already be dead,” Melinda mutters.
    “Don’t say that, Mom. Dad would love to be here watching his big brother control a courtroom like it was a cakewalk.”
    “I would rather be walking a line of cakes than sitting here.”
  1. “Arthur was hidden because of his story.”
    “Bastard sons normally are.” Alex pauses looking to me. “Which I’m not. My parents were married for a while before I came along. I was unexpected. I was unwanted. I was this huge surprise for the black sheep in the family to get.”
  1. Alex isn’t hiding. He doesn’t have to. He doesn’t want to. His parents begged Verde to fix him. All Verde could do was cover it up. There is no fixing. There is nothing wrong.
  1. “After all this time with Ceres, Brooke, and you, I don’t find anything strange with your magenta eyes.” I stare at him. He isn’t hiding. “When you quit acting like prince, you’ll need the brown.”
    Alex blinks a few times switching to brown. “Yeah, well, everyone will have to learn I carry the magenta. I’ll wear the brown to hide among the crowd. Although, I’m far darker than average. I cannot exactly hide.” He smirks at me.
    “Everyone knows you.”
    “Typically I get questioned upon first notice. Unless the person is used to my mom’s family, my skin gains suspicion. Anything that makes you different grants alarm for most.” Alex holds up his hands. He’s dark. “Mix this almost black skin with magenta eyes. It’s a winning combination of notice. And typically not the bow down and respect notice. It’s fear. People tend to fear me. Normally I play my cards right and get friends not enemies. Although that hasn’t always been the case.”
  1. Saying no to a dragon is probably dangerous.
  1. I worry you do not listen enough right now to be considered anything more than children playing pretend.
  1. “[Alex] is caught.”
    “More like leashed and tethered. How did I not see this level of attachment before?”
  1. The ground is what hurts when falling, remember. The air offers nothing.”
    “That’s the problem!” I stand properly. “The air offers no support. I’ve had enough of no support. The ground is safe and comforting. I’m going to stick with it.”
  1. “Natalie couldn’t lie to save a kitten.”
  1. I feel safe in your arms enough to lose grip on the ground.
  1. “Elder dragons trick people into joining their hordes. Many pay money to enter without realizing. Half the demon stories out there were dragons dressed to impress.”
  1. “Pregnancy is foolish at such an age,” Dom comments. “When that fiancé of hers shows up, I’m smacking him one.”
    Alex responds, “Charles is foolish. Cyn is foolish. But they wish to show off their love for one another.”
    “Then share your rock collection,” Dom growls. “Or challenge each other to defeat random tasks. Sex is for adults.”
  1. “Looks don’t matter. Only fools see with their eyes first.”
  1. “The air doesn’t hurt you.”
    “The ground just gets angry when you give it too much space.”
  1. “I swear all teenagers think the world is going to end over the stupidest things.”
  1. I am a dragon. A big green dragon. I am this threatening creature that can destroy life as we know it.
  1. Hearing the cheers and celebrations calms in a way little else could. I thought it would be exhausting- and it is- but it’s a good exhausting. Like when I work magic in just the right way. My mana may be wasted, but the end result would be worth it.
  1. Who accepts fear? You fight fear. That’s part of handling life.
  1. “What did you do? Cry and whine she’s not good enough? That doesn’t work.”

Dragon Rider is a fun series to write. Hopefully the quotes made you more interested in all my work.

Oh, wait, I have two quotes for Tenth Grade:

Dragon Rider 10th Grade Quotes

  1. “You are so important she just assumes you will always be there. It is like someone not thinking about needing air to breathe.”
  1. Her looks might like be nice as a picture, but her personality makes ice boil.

I need to find more. Which I will during this editing round. Going into 9th Grade’s edit, I have half that number. Now I have a decent amount.

Some may disappear between now and when it publishes. There is settling to be had yet.

Even the covers need work. So much to do.

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