Lycacon chapters dropping

WIP: Lycacon is going well as a rewrite.

It’s first person present. That’s my preference for writing. I may switch it to past tense, but it will stay first person.

My werewolves need first person.

Each chapter is a POV switch. Most of the chapters will be Ryan or Stacy, but a few random additions will show off another chapter. This is fantasy. I want to say romance.

I suck at writing romance. Subplots? Sure. Genre… Nope. Even with happily ever after being likely, they don’t fall into romance expectation.

Some of the chapters will be short. That’s why I cleared six, seven, and eight today. Because combined it’s just shy of 2k words. That’s all.

Some are longer than others. That happens. Chapters in this case is for POV switches.

No matter how many chapters this becomes, or how many words it reaches or anything… This story will be set to the five dollars a month premium content. If you want to read as I write, it’s available.

When I finish it, I can switch to working on another rewrite. I may pull this when I do. If I want Lycacon published, it can’t stay here. So one day, it will be removed. And that will be a good thing.

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WIP: Lycacon

Current word count is at 14k words.

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