Reading Unwanted

It’s been a while- a long while- since I read Unwanted as a reader. Every time I picked it up was to evaluate and question how to make it a stronger story. I weighed how I could use the prose and information for future books in the series.

I haven’t read it just to read it in a long while.

I just started reading it. As I coast through the story, I impress myself. It reminds me of reading through one of those required books you get in high school. But made by me.

When did I manage to get a quality high enough to match high school required reading?

As I think it over… Maybe that’s why no one reads it. It reminds them of the nonsense books from high school.

I’m reading Unwanted to pick out some quotes.

I need to pull quotes from all my books. Of those published, I have 12 out of 20 done already.

Really, I want to pull quotes from all the stories heading to publishment. Once it hits third draft, I should have some quotes. Perhaps not a lot. Nor is there a guarantee the quotes will last, but something is needed before it goes to the public.

I failed that for most of my stories.

Current number of quotes:

  1. The Secret of Pack 413 (28)
  2. The Secret of Preshift
  3. The Secret of Luna
  4. Annabella and Ji (5)
  5. Crown Princess (1)
  6. Beautiful (4)
  7. Cursed Items (2)
  8. Dark Silence (2)
  9. Dragon Rider 6th Grade (29)
  10. Dragon Rider 7th Grade (22)
  11. Dragon Rider 8th Grade (18)
  12. Dragon Rider 9th Grade (31)
  13. Dragon Rider 10th Grade (25)
  14. Missing Royals (6)
  15. First Meeting (17)
  16. Finding the Child (unpublished)
  17. Tsuba Ren (30)
  18. Happy Puppy (1)
  19. The Spoon (too short)
  20. Unavoidable (11)
  21. Unbelievable
  22. Unbreakable
  23. Undeniable
  24. Unexpected
  25. Unwanted
  26. Leagende Bonus

I don’t need to worry about my poem books in this case. Although picking out favorite poems for a kinda sorta quote picture would suit.

Of those without quotes, Unwanted is the most troublesome, so I am starting there.

Reading it surprises me.

So why is it I managed to create such a good story and have zero sales for months?

I need a new marketing idea. One that is free.

That won’t work.

I need to just… Give up… I can’t do sales. I never could. I can’t talk to people. Even if the story would suit someone, I wouldn’t offer it. I can’t do this.

I suck at everything. I can’t do anything right. I’m a worthless useless member of society. A drain that has no purpose. A lost soul without a cause.

Hope quote

Will I ever make it? Will I ever be strong enough?

I have all the skills I need for writing. I can edit. I can format. I can create this impressive detailed stories weaved over ages and collection of characters. Writing is my mastery.

And I’m not even an apprentice at marketing.

No matter how good a book is, if no one knows about it, it has no real worth.


Can Bludi Illiene find his place in the world? He knows society will never truly accept him. But can he at least be useful to his mother and his country? #fantasy #novella

Can I be useful to the world by continuing?

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4 thoughts on “Reading Unwanted”

      1. One of the issues I noticed rereading is a pronoun struggle. I’ve come a long way, but it’s something I need to be aware of for the future. If I ever do another edition, I’ll fix the pronoun mess. It’s good enough to understand.

        Just I expect that to come up in a review. Lacking reviews is such a pain. Those who read and liked it haven’t reviewed it. Nice hearing the words, but…. I need more people to hear the words.


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