Unwanted Quotes

Also Unexpected quotes, because I managed to be awesome over the course of two hours. (Reading Unwanted)

I also went in and made the switch outs between feet and meters. I’m getting rid of feet, inches, miles, etc. It’s only a few minor marks in the story. The uploads will be done shortly.

Unwanted Quotes

Unwanted Cover
Unwanted Cover
  1. Bludi cannot be considered a normal half-elf, if half-elves can be called normal in any sense. His father may be human, but his mother? That’s the queen.
  1. Bludi offers him his normal good bye. The expected words and actions from his guardian have become routine. A little spit can be washed off. Hateful words come from most who care to speak to him. Those hateful words are better than the ignorance others offer.
  1. The full adult elf reviews Bludi’s body before speaking. “Mhm. I sure am glad Tsabua OuBlaik called me.” His wandering eyes make Bludi feel like he wears far less clothing than he actually does. “I am Richard. It seems you need help moving.” His eyebrow rises questioning if Bludi seeks more than just help moving.
  1. Bludi grits his teeth. “I need to say my farewells to my uncle.” He pauses glancing between the other two standing at the top of the stairs. “It wasn’t that bad all things considered. He wasn’t too abusive.”   
    Richard shakes his head taking up Bludi’s chest for safe keeping. “Your viewpoint in good and bad is way skewed. But distract him as long as you can.”
  1. “Relax Bludi, I won’t hurt you.” He stops looking at the ground. “Personally.”
  1. No ground hits him. Richard did not catch him either. He opens his eyes to find the ground centimeters below him. “What?” The confusion drops him the last couple centimeters smacking him with dirt. It hurt, but not like a twenty meter drop would.
  1. “Do not let Richard drag you around all day. He has his own agenda.”
    “I won’t.” Bludi watches the older man hide his wallet away.
    He shakes his head absently. “Somehow I think you are exactly the type of person Richard loves to torture. I just assume you are the main reason he followed me here. Do not let him trick you.”
    “You called him honest.”
    “Anyone can be honest. Few can be honest and tricky. He is both.”
  1. Ellone giggles at him. Bludi sits in a crumbled heap, and she just laughs. Used to these actions do not stop the frown from forming. Even his date laughs at his lack of experience in life. “I am starting to understand why Richard sent you my way.”
    “Comedy show?”
  1. Why dress up when everyone spits on you? Why go out when all you get is downcasted looks? Why would I do anything when all people did was spite me?
  1. [Bludi] lost to her. Perhaps her first husband has more common sense than he does.
  1. Being tackled by a ten year old and three year old must be on the highlights of any good day.

Unexpected Quotes

Unexpected Cover
Unexpected Cover
  1. Since the day [Bludi] flew through the court room, people have wanted to call him crown. By law, the youngest legitimate adult prince or princess holds the title of crown. Bludi is the only adult of his siblings and the only one that is not illegitimate. The prince has refused the added title every single time. Bludi knows what would happen if a half elf becomes king.
  1. The king leans forward letting his head fall between his knees. “Every time I hear one of the babies cry, my gut twists slightly. I fail the kingdom. But more importantly, I fail myself. I was considered a bastard from day one, perhaps one of my mother’s people cursed me with fertility to never be able to see my own child walk. Every single one dead. And now, I give nothing.” He looks up at Bludi’s sad expression to add, “Not that I mind watching over your children.”
  1. “I am a half elf. Prince is the highest title I can reach. I should not have been able to earn that…”
    “You are exactly the king everyone expects and desires. If they just ignore your slight off looks, you would be perfect.” Richard takes in all Bludi is. “You match the queen so well no one doubts you are her son even with the fifteen year absence. How many royal bloods come back from that?”
  1. Richard would put his life at the queen’s feet if only she asked. Not because she is the queen nor his wife, but because Richard loves her.
  1. “King Richard.” Bludi and Recha take a step to him.
    Not to be captured so easily, Richard steps back. “I never wanted to be king. I hate the position she forces me to be in. I cannot offer her a child as she wants. Maybe this is what we need to figure everything out. I have to go for her. Tell me someone who could travel on his own without concern? I am the city’s greatest mage.” Richard glares at the guard. “Am I not?”
  1. Recha stares at Bludi for a long while. “Sometimes it is a fact I must remember versus one easily noted. You are not as half elf as you think you are.”
  1. “You are a half elf, Bludi,” Ellone mutters. “How can you expect the kingdom to side with you? This is not good.”
    “Who else will step in?” Bludi growls back. “Uncle Hank is the only one of mother’s siblings who still has the chance to claim title. Then it is those you see here.” He motions to his siblings and son.
  1. “Elves of Leagende.” The words echo through the room silencing those who still speak. “The rumors are true. My mother, Her Majesty, Queen Alaenia has been taken from within the castle. We have the best going after her.”
  1. Bludi holds his hands up for silence. The need to show authority demonstrates his well earned position. He earned his spot at his mother’s side. It was not given to him as many believe. “I would like to believe Mother will return in a matter of days. If for some odd reason she does not, after six months a new king and queen will be named.”
  1. Bludi rubs his face. “Not that I expected Richard to act as a proper king, but his actions today are poor at best. It leaves me protecting the kingdom from different nobles, the pesky Derekseanite elves to our west, and a possible annoyance of a non elven species, like Germanian humans. Everyone will go on and on about me claiming myself as crown prince, when in all honesty, Richard did it.” Bludi throws an arm out at the invisible person who fled at his first chance. “If Mother and Richard do not return, our kingdom may turn to civil war. I cannot possibly consider that a good thing.”
  1. “I believe in you, Bludi.”
  1. “Can I do it? Probably. Should I? No.” Bludi drops into the chair in the middle of the balcony and looks up at Daphne. “How will the other kingdoms react to a half elf on the throne? As if humans are allowed here when they are not? That we are so weak a half elf is our best and brightest? Protecting Leagende while Mother is away is one thing. Becoming king?” Bludi waves it off not even answering.
  1. “I am not king.” Bludi walks Daphne out of the balcony. “I just have to pretend to be one until Mom returns.”
  1. Daphne glares at the prince. “You need to let me know the circumstances of the situation, Bludi.” Her hands fist into her hips looking more the fighter than he knows her as. “I cannot help if you do not let me.”
  1. “The company is nice. We are social creatures after all. Humans are not the type I would wish to communicate with. I still wonder how you were created since Alaenia had to spend hours with him.” Richard shudders. “Even as one of the better humans, he is still a human.”
  1. “How is it being king?” Richard chuckles with a wide grin.
    “You suck, Richard. Why didn’t you want to play king?”
    “I suck at it. You’ll do a good job. Anyone with two cents sees what a good king you are.” There is hope in that statement, but Bludi knows even that hope can be tossed away when one includes his human father.

And a Bonus: — (This quote is the marker for the future Leagende books)—Adain sits down in the king’s chair not at all looking out of place. —

Now to finish reading through Unexpected and take on the other three without quotes.

Then my bonus stories. Once that’s done, I only have The Secret of Preshift published without quotes. (And The Spoon, but that’s too short.) As I go through the rewrites and edits to my stories, I’ll pull quotes.

Leagende Series promo

Leagende is really the series that I need to work through. I’m glad this was easier than I thought it would be. I want at least ten quotes from each novella. I’m not sure how many I’ll pull from my bonus content.

If anyone has read one of my stories and has a favorite quote, let me know. I can set them up as a pretties.

Once I have the energy to, I’ll work GIMP into creating more quote images. Such as:

Unavoidable Quote

Thanks for reading.

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