Unpublished Story: Original White Witch: Find the Child (Book 1) (Premium)

I published this back in 2014. I just threw something out that I wasn’t exactly proud of. The cover is… *looks away*.

Find the Child cover. (Ignore me laughing over here.)

It was set to free. And for a free ebook it was okay. The real concern it’s a short story that belongs part of a longer story. It would suit if I monthly published the story with updates.

I didn’t. I never went back to the story. That means I have a story I published and unpublished. I do love the idea behind the story. And the draft that made it online wasn’t bad per-say. It got a three star rating even. “It’s what you’d expect out of a free ebook.”

The review had me question the quality. And finding several things lacking, I pulled the story. It’s not that I never thought of getting back to it, but… I have so many things to get back to.

Well, I can put it here in its current state. For my subscribers.

And if I do upload it again, it would connect to the old smashwords file. It won’t be free this time. Those who “bought” it before will get a much better quality when I finally manage this.

I hope.

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[Fantasy Short Stories] [About Cat Hartliebe] [Cat Hartliebe’s Books]

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