My Modern Werewolves

I’m organizing again. Hopefully I manage to organize all of it and stay on top of it. I’m more determined to. Can’t say it’ll happen. There’s a lot.

(Modern Werewolves for more details and links.)

The Secret of Pack 413publishedCrazy AlphasModern Werewolves
The Secret of PreshiftpublishedCrazy AlphasModern Werewolves
The two published
The Secret of BloodCrazy Alphas
The Secret of TainoCrazy Alphas
The Secret of LunaCrazy Alphas
The Secret of ScarCrazy Alphas
The Secret of TitleCrazy Alphas
Alpha ProtectorCrazy Town
Alpha SuccessorCrazy Town
Alpha’s GuardCrazy Town
Alpha’s MistrustedCrazy Town
Alpha’s ConcernCrazy Town
Alpha’s DinerCrazy Town
Alpha ChildCrazy Town
The Truth in BloodCrazy Sheep
The Truth in FamilyCrazy Sheep
The Truth in Family, Part 2Crazy Sheep
The Truth for HumansCrazy Sheep
The Truth in CanadaCrazy Sheep
The Truth BetweenCrazy Sheep
The Truth with LifeCrazy Sheeple
The Truth of YouthCrazy Sheeple
The Truth as AlphaCrazy Sheeple
The Truth in the FutureCrazy Sheeple
The Truth of HopeCrazy Sheeple
Forgotten PastCrazy Known
Forgotten HumanityCrazy Known
Forgotten LoverCrazy Known
Forgotten FatherCrazy Known
Forgotten HomeCrazy Known
The Way of MatingCrazy Unstable
The Way of True MatesCrazy Unstable
The Way of SurvivalCrazy Unstable
The Way of BetaCrazy Unstable
The Way of SuccessorsCrazy Unstable
The Way of ChangeCrazy Humans
The Way of JournalismCrazy Humans
The Way of FamilyCrazy Humans
The Way of HealingCrazy Humans
The Way of RunningCrazy Humans
The Way of FlightCrazy Humans
The Youngest AlphaCrazy Capable
The Youngest DoctorCrazy Capable
The Youngest BBQ StandCrazy Capable
All of the Modern Werewolves Stories that are created

I am going through this massive list. It’s a series with more than a million words already. It’s exhausting to look it over.

Anyway… While reviewing my werewolves, I realized something.

Yes, many stories include a true mat pairing, but that isn’t the main plot.

What is the main plot for every single werewolf story?


Each story’s main goal is to make the pack more stable. How? Why? Through knowledge, action, protection, destruction, etc. Depends on the wolf.

I actually keep a disclaimer in the front just in case you weren’t expecting things:
{Disclaimer: This book is for mature audiences. I do not shy away from sex, sexuality, fighting, or gruesomeness. If it fits in the story, it will be within the story. Each book of this series is meant to be a full story surrounding the true mating of the MC. It should stand alone, but also can be read as a group. Each book is written in the voice of the main character, which is why some almost ignore the romance and some do not focus on the actual action. Any typos or mistakes are solely the author’s faults and I apologize for missing it.}

The fact the entire series is aiming to create more stability, I use “Crazy” to open each series grouping. The second word in the series title says what area the stories should be focusing in on. Some are a little more broad than others. I may go in and change a few things before hitting publish.

And yes, my werewolves have love, family, acceptance, and equality as themes within the various stories. But the big one for this series is Stability.

I’m happy I noticed it.

Now to get back to…

Wait a second… My two newest stories in this series aren’t within my list yet.

I’ll just go over here and cry a bit. How did I fail to update? I suck at keeping things updated.

Million and a half words… Plus whatever these two new stories are. *sigh*

Can anyone send me any chocolate? Or some tea?

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I’ll get back to work.

Is anyone else as fail as me at keeping things updated? I’ve tried this multiple times before…

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