Lycacon: Entire First Draft (Premium)

WIP: Lycacon

Alright. I said it was a trash fire. I don’t know if you believe me. But either way, this can prove a lot of little things.

This is an older draft. As you become a more experienced writer, your first drafts get better. I wrote this back when I could pull off an A+ paper in college, but not anything like a published copy of a draft.

College expectations is far below what a published copy needs to be.

So I’ll put the entire first draft up proving how much of a difference a rewrite makes. And time. And experience.

The current draft I’m working on is only the second draft. It’s only the first round of fixing. I would suggest at least seven rounds. At least seven read-throughs looking for errors. Don’t be afraid of creating another draft, waiting another month, asking for another set of eyes on the story.

It will be worth it. This is by no means a race. Don’t even suggest it is.

New cover. First draft didn’t have one.

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The End

I am making no further corrections on the first draft. I may have done some minor fixes prior to starting the second draft. The moment you begin the next draft, you do not fix the previous ones. You put them aside for reference while getting the story even better.

I hope you learn a little something from my trash fire.

(Go Set a Watchman and To Kill a Mockingbird show another transition between earlier draft and later one.)

WIP: Lycacon

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