WIP: Ella/Elvis (I Did Make a Genderfluid MC)

I forgot about her. It’s actually meant to be a chapter book too. A kid’s book about a little girl who has a little boy side to her. [About Cat Hartliebe] [Cat Hartliebe’s Books]

She’s Ella and Elvis.

Wait. This is too adorable. And the genderfluid identity isn’t the main problem in the book. It’s not a problem at all for Ella and her family. The main problem is her relationship with the other kids in the area.

And it will be teaching them she is both a he and a she.

[About Cat Hartliebe] [Cat Hartliebe’s Books] [Fiction Short Stories]

Ella Hates Chris ~ Opening

Ella hates pineapples, water balloons, and Christopher Nami. Her favorite color is lavender and all her dresses come with lavender sashes. If she chose another than a dress, she goes out in reds or blues pretending to be a boy. It was during one of these times she met Chris and his dreaded pineapple tree.

The tree is not really a pineapple tree. It grows apples, but because he put up a tree house made from pine wood and keeps his collection of pineapples there it now is called the pineapple tree.

Chris hates girls. He tells all the boys who wish to join his group that they must pass his initiation tests. One of which is give a dreaded item to a girl in town. She has been placed on both sides of the equation. Even though she passed the test, she chose not to join the group.

Ever since Chris got his grubby little paws on the boys in the area, Ella has not been able to turn into Elvis, her alternative persona. That does not mean she denies herself time as a boy, she just does not go out as much as him. She spends more time treating herself to sewing and baking clubs. During such her best friends, Frieda, Lily, and Daniela make beautiful looking items that cause havoc for the boys. The sewn clothes broke with little activity. The baked goods made them sick.

It leaves her lonely either way. Her guy friends, Roger and Simon visit her on occasion and almost saw her as a girl once. Good thing they are too stupid to pick up on the subtle differences she makes between her two lives.

Her long blond hair braids nicely. As a boy she makes fun of it, blaming her mother she cannot cut it off. As a girl, she lets it flow out pretty curling around her face and making most people jealous or longing.

“I love your hair.” Frieda comments playing with it.

“Thank you. I am planning on cutting it short.” She grins at her friends’ shocked faces. “I…”

“NO!” Lily squeezing Ella tightly. “You cannot destroy perfection.” Ella may even feel tears from her friend’s decision.

“It’ll grow back.” She pulls Lily off. “I have plans. I need to cut it off first.”

“I won’t let you.” Lily shakes her head not letting Ella go.

“Lily, I think your mom is calling you.” Ella points down the hall where the three mothers glide toward them.

“No, no, no!” Lily fearfully watches her mother come upon them. “Ever since Gretchen had her hair dyed black by those boys, I feared for you. Don’t jump just because they may come and attack you.”

“Come on Lily.”

“You two, Frieda and Daniela. Mother would like to go home before it gets dark.”

Ella waves her friends goodbye as her mother stands elegantly next to her. Once they are well and gone, Ella sighs kicking the ground. “I want to cut my hair, Mother.”

“I understand.” She nods wrapping an arm around her daughter. “I will make sure things go well then.”

“Father will be mad when he returns tomorrow.”

“We both agreed in your freedom. Your hair will grow back.” Her mother nods walking Ella onward.

…. (To be continued)

[About Cat Hartliebe] [Cat Hartliebe’s Books] [Fiction Short Stories]

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