SS: Dead or Alive flash fiction

((I can’t say no to a challenge.))

Dead or Alive

by Cat Hartliebe

Nothing like a quick buck to be made by answering these notes. I open the letter scanning details. Normal dude. Owes someone lots of money. More than an arm and a leg.

“What’s it say?” My partner tries to take the note.

But that’s not needed. It’s simple. “Dead or alive.” I double check my gun making sure I have the bullet I need. Just one. Guy runs in little more than shorts every evening through the park. “I prefer it that way.”

“As opposed to?” My partner grabs up the bag of stuff. Easier to hide a gun in nonsense that looks like a parent’s diaper bag. No cop goes past a full diaper.

“Alive or dead.” I hide the item inside the bag before lifting it up. “It’s psychological which one we say first. What we really want to happen. So let’s handle this the easy way and get our cut.”

“I’ll push the stroller then?”

I nod and pretend we’re the couple from story books. The stroller makes it easier to get the guy from point A to point B. Then we’ll move on to the next mark.

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