Dragon Rider LGBT+

With it being bi visibility day, I figured I’ll pull out some quotes showing off Dragon Rider does not have the typical straight crowd.

I’ve mentioned this before. (Dragon Rider’s Sexualities)

Natalie is Ace. Asexual and aromantic. That’s why the lust/love spells don’t work on her correctly.

Dragon Rider 9th Grade quote

Verde is pansexual. It rarely shows up. It’s not something he chats with his daughter about.

Dragon Rider 8th Grade quote

Xyaina and Jasmine are in a relationship. Xyaina is lesbian. Jasmine is bisexual, although there’s no quotes for Jasmine in this series. It’s mentioned in Alpha Shifter (Dragon Rider’s world, next series).

Dragon Rider 8th Grade quote
Dragon Rider 10th Grade Quote
Alpha Shifter 6th Grade quote

Ceres/Charles Jr is bisexual, although it doesn’t show up much. Then again only a bisexual would think this is a proper punishment.

Dragon Rider 10th Grade quote

Ceres and Brooke are in a long haul relationship. Both lean towards bisexual and you won’t readily see it. (Mostly because Natalie’s too unaware of attraction and interest. Brooke most definitely has checked people out.)

As I find more- or write more- I can show them off. These are the ones off the top of my head. It’s not like the series is completely published yet.

And none of these are part of the two that are published. Natalie isn’t going to notice sexualities because she doesn’t feel the attraction. She doesn’t understand.

Wish me luck!


Happy Bi-Visibility Day!

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