Let’s Play a Game!

Let’s play a game.

And what type of game would it be without prizes?

Let’s start there:

  1. Everyone who plays the game will receive a pdf copy of one of my books/ebooks of their choosing. Call it a participation award.
  2. For every ten (10) contestants, a signed paperback copy will be awarded.

Now that you’re interested in playing. (Cause no one cares if the awards aren’t awesome.) Let’s go about the rules:


  1. Search my blog posts for your favorite one. It can be any of the blog posts Cat or Cyro wrote on CatHartliebe.com since it was started in 2016. (Archives has all of them, but maybe searching there isn’t your best option.)
  2. Then comment on this blog post with the title of your favorite post from the site. (Link isn’t required, but probably would help.)
  3. You have until December 17th 2020 to earn an award. (Although, I don’t think I’d mind continuing this game after the fact.)

Why am I doing this?

  • To make sure I don’t delete a blog post someone actually likes and enjoys. I have gone back to the beginning of August 2020 scanning. I have to decide lots of things before moving forward. I’ve tagged and categorized the current posts. But as I move backward, I know there are posts I’ll delete.
  • Also it gives me an idea what people enjoy while being here. If I’m right in thinking my poetry and my writing posts are top of the desires list, I can keep them up. If they aren’t on the favorites lists, I can stop doing them and focus on what is desired.
  • Besides my personal reasons, the blog does better if it receives more visitors and views. By having people look around the site, I am getting an understanding of how easy it is to navigate and whether it’s worth navigating for a free ebook.

This place isn’t meant to be me talking into void space. This game is my way of seeing if someone is listening.

How often do you get a free book just from wandering someone’s site and posting a comment?


  1. This is only good for one comment per person per email address.
  2. This only works with a valid email address.
  3. Not everyone is capable of receiving the signed paperback. Limits apply where the USA refuses to let books cross borders/ go to specific locations.
  4. To acquire an signed paperback, the person must have a valid address to send it to.
  5. The person does not have to request a published e-copy. As long as it is Cat or Cyro Hartliebe’s WIP, it counts as a prize if desired.
  6. The contestant must be open to having an short email conversation with Cat Hartliebe. The first email will be to make sure the email is valid. The second email will be asking which blog post is the favorite and which e-copy the person desires. The third will contain the pdf file of the requested copy.
  7. If the contestants reach a multiple of 10 (ten), a winner will be selected at random. An attempt will be made to get in contact with the winner. They have a full week to notice the reply on the blog as well as the email (as long as that was valid.) If the winner fails to notice within the week of being selected, they will forfeit the prize and another will be selected.
  8. Everyone besides those who already were chosen for the signed paperback will be considered part of the random drawing.
    *Note* If you were chosen, but failed to respond in the week, respond when you notice saying you wish to be included in the selection process again.
  9. To acquire the signed paperback if you are chosen, you must respond to the email or send an email in response to the reply on this post. During this email conversation, there will be a request for an address to send the signed copy to. As long as it is valid, it can take upwards of two months. Cat Hartliebe will email the winner as the shipment processes on their end. If it returns to Cat Hartliebe or you haven’t received the book after two weeks from shipment through the USPS, another request can be made.
  10. The contestant must pick which book they want for free for both the ecopy as well as the signed paperback. Any WIP of Cat or Cyro Hartliebe’s is allowable for ecopy. Any of the currently published paperbacks can be chosen for the signed paperback.
  11. Any further questions about the game please email Cat Hartliebe at CatHartliebe@gmail.com.
  12. Rules and regulations are subject to change at any time. This post will be updated with the rules and regulations as they change.

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